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Tips to become a great email marketer

Every realistic business knows that in order to succeed in today’s online marketplace you need to have a solid marketing solution. From the company website, to email marketing newsletters and product launches, it is critical that you can engage, entertain and entice your audience into finding out more.

This of course requires a special kind of individual or team. One that can manipulate every facet of the human psyche; from pulling on your audiences’ heart stings, to creating a logically sound and visually appealing document.

There’s nothing sneaky about successful email marketing. It’s just applying well-known persuasive and authoritative tools that communicate to your customers that you know what you are talking about; in addition to being trustworthy enough to provide it.

Writing a successful marketing email requires a knowledge of tone and appropriateness. This means that you need to understand your audience and how they would like to be spoken to. Addressing an individual by first name is an informal yet convincing way of showing that you are on the same level as them; much like a friend. However, for a more serious tone, you would adjust your introduction more accordingly.

The content of your email should be smart, snappy and to the point. Don’t waffle to your audience about the small print where it is not necessary. Be mindful that your audience is likely to make a snap decision on whether they care about the content of your email straight away. To this end, consider whether the graphics and titles of your messages correctly communicate the message you wish to convey. People are much more likely to pay attention to a short title and a large body graphic before getting dumbed down in the detail.

Clearly if you are fortunate enough to capture the imagination of your intended recipient, you would wish them to read more. Always offer a social media connection to your firm, or project, as well as directing your customer to something more relevant to the content of the email.

Importantly, never deny them the ability to opt out of your communications. If you really want to build trust with your audience, you must be transparent at every stage of your interactions with them. After all, you wouldn’t expect anything less in return.

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Tips to become a great email marketer
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