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Three Competitive SEO Audit Techniques

Seo Audits are without a doubt the least favorite activity that a site-owner has to do at some point in his career. A Site Audit is an arduous and complicated process which requires a lot of time and dedication. Nevertheless, although a few years ago it was impossible to orchestrate such a massive task on your own, because there were simply not enough tutorials available, nowadays, it is possible for anyone to do it.

Sure, it takes up a lot of time and nerves, but you no longer have to pay thousands of dollars in order to get it done.

There are many things which should be done in order to conduct a complete and comprehensive SEO Audit. In addition, some digital agencies in NYC perform a specific type of Audit, called competitive Audit which will help you analyze your competition, and make decisions according to the intelligence gained. This is the topic that I wish to discuss today. Every internet marketer will, at some point, attempt to „spy” on the competition. And it seems only natural that we think of external benchmarking if we want our site to be truly successful. Do you know how you rank in the SERPs? Do you want to find out who is ranking above you and why? If these are questions that make you stay awake at night, here are five tips that will put your mind at ease.

1. Articulate your Buyer Persona

Every online service, no matter its nature, is designed to satisfy and deliver. What can your site offer to your clients, and what is it that your competition is offering them? Moreover, with the help of which keywords can internet users find you? This is directly related to the way you show up on the search engine rank pages. By analyzing this data you can better understand what it is you should be doing, and more importantly, what you shouldn’t be doing.

2. Become more Familiar with Your Competition

There is a saying, „Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer”. In the world of internet marketing, there is no better way to put things. I haven’t actually come across a company who didn’t know its competition until now. The truth is that it is only by studying your competitors that you can better your techniques. But how do you do it? You can start by analyzing keyword bids, since you are literally competing for clicks on SERPs. Additionally, you can look at other search engines, explore Social media platforms and sign up on Google Alerts.

3. Define Sustained Success on Your Terms

Now that you have an idea of how things are working in your area of expertise, it is time to put the intelligence you have gathered to good use. Social media marketing, content writing, service positioning and customer service, all affect SEO capabilities at some point. Make sure you find a balance between all aspects, and focus your efforts accordingly.

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Three Competitive SEO Audit Techniques
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