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The Various Types of Electronic Components

With the advancement in the field of electronics, almost every day you may get a new machine. All machines use hundreds of electronic components. These electronic components are vital for the functioning of the machines.

Here in this section, we will discuss about various types of electronic components and their functions.

Resistors are one of the most used electronic components. They are used mainly in the circuit board. To understand their value, you need to check the product; some resistors have their value in Ohms and their resistance levels imprinted on them.

A Multimeter comes handy when it comes to understand the resistance of resistors. Resistor comes with an R mark to identify them on the circuit board.

Potentiometers are a kind of variable resistors. These resistors have their value marked on their body. Some of them even come with a letter code on them indicating tapers i.e. how resistivity can change in relation to how far the potentiometer has turned. These potentiometers have VR marked on them to recognise them in the circuit board.

Capacitors are electronic components of a machine that have their values typed on them. Some have 3 digit codes while some have colour coding. These electronic components are marked with a C on a circuit board.

Another common type of electronic component is Inductors or Coils. The problem with these components is their values are hard to figure out. A good meter can measure the resistance of the inductors. They also have an L on their bodies to identify them on a circuit board.

Oscillators and crystals are electronic components on a circuit board that are easily recognised by sight. They have a clear operating frequency which is marked on them. Crystals are marked with an X while Oscillators are noticeable as they have a Y marked on them.

Integrated Circuits are typically marked with a U or IC. There are different types of integrated circuits but you can’t judge them by their looks. In case you are facing a problem with integrated circuits, you can refer to the electronic PDF file to know about their functioning.

Relays come with K mark on them. These components are enclosed in a plastic with their resistance specifications printed on them.

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The Various Types of Electronic Components
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