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The Ten Commandments of Buying a New Mobile Phone

Looking to buy a new phone but unsure where to start? Here is a look at ten vital things that every new phone buyer should strive to obey.

  1. What do you need it for?
The first step is to ask yourself exactly what you’re looking for in a phone. Do you like to make calls and send the odd text message? Then it’s best to opt for a cheap and simple pay as you go phone. If you’re looking for more sophisticated functions, like emailing and web browsing, a mid-range handset or a smart-phone are better suited.
  1. Shop around for the best carrier.
Not every network provider offers great coverage, so make sure you find the provider that’s perfect for your area. If you travel to remote areas for your work and rely on coverage to get the job done, do your research with neighbours, friends, and co-workers to find the company that offers the coverage and call quality. 
  1. Match the phone to your lifestyle
Different phone brands are better suited to different industries. For instance businesspeople should search for outlets that sell blackberry torch 9860 models, while tradespeople should search for shock and water resistant handsets.  

       4.  Check if prices drop online
The best way to find the right phone deal is to combine shopping online and in-store. Always head in to the phone shop in person to test out the display products and get a feel for the brand’s in-hand feel and design. But don’t buy the first handset that suits your needs. Compare prices online and see if another store can offer you a better deal.
  1. Consider a family plan
If there’s more than one mobile phone in your household, be sure to ask service providers if they’ll offer a group or family related discount. Couple it with your internet deal and you could discover some excellent annual savings.
  1. Is newer really better?
Not too fussed if you end up with an iPhone 3, 4 or 5? If currency and the latest mod-cons aren’t the be all and end all for you, then always opt for an older model. Many of the older versions released a few years ago offer all of the same essential functions without the fashionable price tag.
  1. Read reviews
If somebody has experienced a problem with a phone brand there’s one place you’re sure to read about it. Always surf the web for customer and tech-expert reviews before you purchase.
  1. Get insurance
Accidents do happen and smartphones are notoriously fragile. Always opt for an insurance plan to guarantee you’re not left without a phone.
  1. Find out what accessories are included on the phone
Some phone handsets come with a range of accessories included for free, so be sure to always ask. 
  1. Think about battery life.
What the point of having all of those fantastic apps if you drain your phone’s battery life every time you access them? Unless you want to carry a phone charger around with you, look for the phone’s continuous talk time rating.
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The Ten Commandments of Buying a New Mobile Phone
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