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The State of Online Video Games Today: 5 Trending Behaviors to Watch Out For

The evolution of online video games began with the evolution of computer and computer networking. As new technologies and devices appeared in the scenario, the state of global gaming landscape too began to shift into the dawn of new era.

Here is a look into the recent gaming statistics to show how users have engaged with the video game technology so far –

  • 58% of Americans like playing games
  • The average age of the players in the US is 30 years and in the UK it is 35 years
  • 77% of the gamers in the US spend a minimum of one hour per week
  • 68% of the gamers in the US are 18 and above
  • 36% of the gamers in the US play on their smart phone
  • There are atleast 2 gamers in every US household
  • Parents in the US spend about 89% of their time in buying video games for kids

These statistical figures draw a bigger picture to show how the future of the video game industry will soon grow to become.

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Based on these facts and figures, here are some of the trending behaviors that is becoming noticeable among video gamers of all age groups and genders. Take a look at them if you can identify yourself with them –

#1 – The Growing Network of Family and Friend gamers

The gaming seems to be in the genes, as dedicated gamers have given rise to gamer kids. Video games have helped to diversify human interaction from few into a mass medium. Well, this is how the network of friends and family relationship revolves around the video games –

  • 16% of the kids play video games with their parents
  • 17% of the gamers play with their spouse
  • 40% of them play with their friends
  • 34% play with family members

#2 – More Women and the Older Generation are Playing Video Games

Women today cover a large section among the online video gamers. About 47% of the gamers in the US account for women. Even the older generation is not lagging behind. Statistically, about 29% of the online video gamers today are aged above 50 years.

#3 – The Revenue Earned by the Gaming Industry is at Par with the Movie Industry

The total revenue earned by the video game industry in the United States is now 887 million US dollars.

Now that is a figure at par with the total number of tickets sold by the movie industry this year, which is close to 1.27 billion dollars. Now the film industry seems to have got some serious competitor here as the game industry slowly eat away most of the viewer mainstay.

#4 – Mobile, Quiz and Casual Games are now as popular as Any PC or Console Game

About 46% of the teens use mobile phones to play video games, while 71% use dedicated devices.

The number of mobile device usage is anticipated to increase in the coming years. This would mean there will be plenty of choices for multiplayer gaming options, for example new games like Slots Heaven, casual desktop and mobile games are going to dominate.

#5 – Availability of Free to Play Online Gaming Business Models

This has been a great shift in the gaming industry. Apart purchasing video games, users can now access plenty of games through apps and online. This not allows players to choose from the variety of gaming options but even open the gate for a large number of developers who are now coming up with new gaming app ideas.

The statistics and the insights that we come across from these trending behavioral change show how online video gaming industry is set to become the big gamer of future business. The internet world today has over billions of internet users. With the number expected to grow more, the gaming market is going to discover a big boom soon.

The State of Online Video Games Today: 5 Trending Behaviors to Watch Out For
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