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The EyeXam Mobile App Can Help You Keep Your Vision in Check

With over one million downloads after barely six months on the market, the latest version of EyeXam has already carved a niche of its own in the medical category of smartphone apps. You see, the large majority of medical apps available focus on improving certain aspects of your health, not testing it. While that’s great, it’s also helpful to have a baseline to chart your improvement from. And that’s where EyeXam comes in. It’s a totally easy way to check your eyesight and find a variety of useful information about vision without any hassle.

Probably the most important part of the EyeXam mobile app is its ability to quickly and effectively test your vision. It does this in a way that is very similar to the tests that you’d take at an optometrist’s office. Better yet, it has a variety of different tests and they are updated on a consistent basis meaning that you can frequently test you vision using the app without worrying that you’ll just remember the correct answers to the tests. EyeXam even tests for color perception, astigmatism, and eye dominance.
EyeXam doesn’t stop at just testing your eyes and your vision though. After you receive the results from your tests, the app provides a comprehensive catalog of eye doctors in your area. If EyeXam did indeed show that your vision is less than perfect, it might be worth a quick visit to one of these doctors. An appointment scheduling tool, a coupon and discount tool, and a method of looking up the specifics of your insurance are also readily available as part of the app. Depending on where you live, you might even be able to instantly chat with a real doctor over the phone.

Once you’ve tested your vision using EyeXam, you might also be interested in learning a little more about vision in general. The app offers a great database of resources for doing this. In addition to a glossary and dictionary on eye care, there are also easy links to several important articles on a variety of vision-related subjects. The links are constantly updated so you’ll always be reading something new.
At the end of the day, you really can’t beat the EyeXam mobile app if you are worried about your eyesight. It’s a quick and easy – and, most importantly, completely free – way to check your vision. That’ right, the smartphone app is free to download. It’s a good first resource for eyesight problems of all kinds.
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