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The Effect of Google+ on Google Ranking Parameters

I hope you all know how Google+ scored till today. Many like you and me are comparing it with Facebook these days. A lot has been written about its positive and negative sides too. But, is that enough for a webmaster from Search Engine Optimisation point of view?
What is the objective of this in-depth analysis? How are these updates going to affect us? Does Google plus really matter to Google users? It is a long story that goes by speculations. Only experiments done by trial-and-error method will decide the future.
So, did anyone notice the after-effect of Google+ in SEO projects? If you haven’t yet, your time starts now.
Why should you actively participate in this discussion?
Few months back we heard that Facebook updates are being shown on Google SERPs. It means Google had been tracking information from social media sites. Though the final conclusion is in hypothetical stage, it seems, social media performance is going to interfere with your website ranking formula. Just think you can achieve high PR from Google just because a lot of people have voted you in social media platforms.
Now, when Google+ is in high radar, the chances are more, this hypothesis will turn to a strong observation. Since, Google plus is gaining attention from common users, the search engine itself is sure going to fetch these data and use them for rank distribution. This future trend has already made a huge gaga in webmaster’s world. Where are you?
Isn’t the information good enough for you to think more on this?
How does this speculation work?
More you create buzz in people’s mind, better is the ranking for your site. Here real customers will review online products, services and express their opinions through recommendations. Till today people were thinking about collecting backlinks for their sites. But, now it is about creating hype and all. The mechanism is like – you prefer a site, add Plus One to it and leave it. Thus, more the number of +1 is collected for a site better is the ranking in search engine result pages.
Therefore, if search engines start measuring website performance based on its popularity in social networks, a new gateway may be opened soon for advertisers and optimizers. Are you still casual to all these hot and happenings? It is high time you gear up social media profile of your client and think beyond text link development. It is the hour of being social.
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The Effect of Google+ on Google Ranking Parameters
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