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The duties of PC support Technicians

In present day nothing operates without the use of computers. Whether it is for domestic purpose or for office use, computers are everywhere. Since computer manages such a wide variety of tasks it is not uncommon for registry malfunction. This is one of the main reasons why the speed of the PC slows down.
To sort out PC issues no one can be as efficient as the pc support technician. The speed of the computer is always a matter of concern for good performance. The PC support technicians are skilled in the know how of computers.
They are responsible for maintenance of both the software and hardware. Installing, formatting, maintaining and configuring of PCs also come under their duties. Availing online PC support one dose not have to leave the PC with the dealer for few days for maintenance but can fix everything through online assistance.
The technicians help the users of the PCs to set up passwords, reset passwords and troubleshooting. Their duties further extend with setting up of security access for individual computers.
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