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The Best Ways to Incorporate Email Marketing Tactics Into Social Media Campaigns

Email marketing and social media are just two of the many ways that businesses are using the Internet today to connect with customers and increase the popularity of their companies. But if you can combine the two tactics rather than solely use them separately in order to promote your business, you will see even faster, even better results than before. Continue reading for a few tips to help you get started on incorporating your email marketing tactics into your social media campaigns today.

Incorporate Hashtags Into Your Emails

In order to create emails that effectively market your newest products to your customers, you should use large, clear images, a clean background, and include easy to read and easy to understand text. But to incorporate your social media pages into these email campaigns, try to use hashtags about your products and encourage people to get onto Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites to discuss your latest product offerings and potentially win great prizes by doing so as well. 

Send Out an Email Dedicated to Your Social Media Pages

Yet another great way to integrate social media into your email marketing campaign is by creating an email that is solely meant to encourage readers to follow you on your many social media websites. Title the email in a way that will grab your readers’ attention so that they will be guaranteed to open it, and then post large images throughout the email that link to your many social media pages, from YouTube and Twitter to Pinterest and Facebook. Just be sure to use engaging images that have to do with your brand and what you do on those social networking sites.

Include Social Media Activities in Your Emails

If you mention the great deals, contests, and conversations going on within your many social media pages, you may encourage more people to join in. Therefore, when it comes to sending out an email blast, if you have something big going on on Facebook or Twitter, make the email all about that. If it is a contest that you are running that has a deadline, for example, it is a great way to engage more customers and get more followers at the same time. And if it were not for your email, many of your readers might not have known about the fun things you are doing on your social media pages, so it is a great way to connect the two marketing campaigns and bring everyone together.

Allow People to Sign Up for Your Newsletters on Social Media

Use your social media pages to get people to sign up for your newsletters. Sites like Facebook make it easy to create pages on which people can share their email addresses with you so that they can get a special offer and be placed on your email list to receive future news.
Email marketing and social media are both great ways to promote any type of business today. But if you know how to effectively combine the two, you can see even better results.

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The Best Ways to Incorporate Email Marketing Tactics Into Social Media Campaigns
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