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The benefits of using FM software

Working within the facilities management industry is hard work. Coordinating teams, maintenance, equipment and budgets, while resolving issues and keeping clients satisfied is no mean feat, especially when all of the administration around all of these areas is split out and handled inconsistently. It is little wonder that some facilities managers feel out of control.

One way to make things easier is by making use of facilities management software. This is a package, designed for you, which can regulate all the FM departments services and output.

Designed to fit with your business and to work in harmony with existing IT packages, the software delivers solutions through the web, using the latest technological innovations, at industry standard.

The software can help to streamline procedures by integrating services and charging so that customers will be billed as appropriate for a job. Staff schedules can also be consulted for jobs that occur in similar locations or that require more than one engineer, increasing workforce productivity and reducing resolution wait times.

Efficiency can be improved through using the software’s help desk module, through which customers can report issues 24 hours a day and progress can be tracked. Automatic call escalation and reporting means that it is easy to measure performance against defined objectives or service level agreements. 

A room booking module takes the pain out of manual systems or using a calendar, which frequently leads to double bookings and other errors which can affect business transactions. Instead, the right sized rooms and the right equipment can be easily secured at the right time.

When it comes to reporting, the software can quickly and easily produce clear, simple statistics. A dashboard format can prove, if you like, the department’s value, credibility and boost visibility, demonstrating how specific targets have been met, etc. 

The idea, ultimately, is that business can be improved through proper use of property and equipment. This is what facilities management software does best. 

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The benefits of using FM software
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