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The basics of email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and most cost effective ways of connecting with your audience and making your business interactive. Whereas email was once seen as the more informal sister to postal mail, email has now all but taken over, with more businesses than ever using email to contact their customers than post, text or social media.

It is no surprise, then, that more businesses turn to email every day as a way of keeping in contact with their customers without the cost and time constraints that other mediums offer.
So what makes a good email campaign and where is it best to start?
Firstly, you will want your email to look professional. All the hard work of sourcing email addresses and writing engaging content will be lost if your email looks tatty and unprofessional. If, however, you’re not a graphic designer and wouldn’t know where to begin, then finding email marketing templates will allow you to prepare quality missives in no time.
Secondly you will want to give thought to what you say. Emails provide a great way to speak directly to your customers, so it’s imperative that you have something relevant to say. Offers and promotions are a good place to start as they will encourage people to read the emails and open all future ones to catch any more offers you run. If, however, you’re sending a more generic mail shot, just ensure you’re content is readable and engaging. The worst thing you can do is write bland content that makes people turn off straight away.
Lastly, its worth giving thought to when and how often you send emails. The time of day an email is sent can have a huge impact on whether or not it gets opened, with people being more receptive at different times. Also, consider how often you will want to send mail shots out. Getting the right balance is key, as too many will make them look “spammy” and uninteresting whereas too few will lose all the rapport you may have previously built up.
There is certainly much to think about, but undertaking an email marketing campaign correctly can make for a very profitable investment.
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The basics of email marketing
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