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Ten Apps No Traveller Should Be Without

Today’s traveller’s smartphone is his ultimate tool, fit for a purpose and able to replace whole bags of kit. But of course, a fancy phone is only as good as the software it contains! Fill your mobile device with these ten gems and you’ll be ready to hit the road.


The app is the most downloaded hotel booking app used today. You can search, browse and book hotels with ease from your mobile device. Find hotels close to your current location, read customer reviews and enjoy photographs before booking.

2. TripIt

TripIt is an essential travel organiser which links to your email account. This app will pick up your confirmation numbers directly from your inbox for flight bookings, hotel bookings and even restaurant confirmations. It then puts all the confirmations into one organized itinerary. If your flight is delayed and you receive an email, your itinerary will automatically be updated.

3. Photosynth

When on vacation you love to take photographs which you can share with family and friends either through social media sites or when you get home. Photosynth will take your photographs and let you stitch them together enabling you to show your friends and family three hundred and sixty degree views. You can show people what you saw and let them enjoy your experience with you!

4. Instagram

Intagram is an essential free app for every traveller where you can convert your photographs into magnificent artworks. The photographs will look professional and artistic. You can remove blurs and unwanted marks to show crystal clear and perfect photographs of your travels.

5. Jetsetter

Jetsetter offers travel sales with stunning pictures for worldwide destinations. You will be able to find, review and see everything from luxurious hotels to trendy clubs in specified areas. This is very useful when looking for somewhere to stay or a place to spend the evening when travelling.

6. Postagram

Postcards are still enjoyed by people everywhere! Make your postcard unique with postagram. You can use your own photograph, personalise it and post it via traditional mail for only 99 cents. Send a postcard to family and friends the traditional way but with your own personal twist.

7. Everytrail

Everytrail is a GPS application that will offer you a simple map while you walk. You will be able to see the streets you are approaching; you can enjoy audio guides as well as your elevation and duration of the walk. This app is used by travellers throughout the world and is a very handy app to have when visiting foreign countries where you don’t know the area.

8. Kayak

Kayak is a useful app for hotel, flight and car rental bookings. It not only offers you a choice of convenient travel essentials, you can also enjoy a currency converter, find attractions and tours where you are and have it all in the palm of your hand while on the move.

9. Packing

Packing is an essential app for preparing for your vacation. You can co-ordinate your packing list with ease to ensure you don’t leave anything behind. Tick off items as they are packed or pull up previous packing lists from past trips for quick reference. This simple reminder app can ensure you arrive on holiday with everything you intended to take with you.

10. Skype

Phoning home from overseas is a very costly exercise. If you have a mobile phone take advantage of the internet access offered in most hotels throughout the world. Skype will not only let you talk to your family and friends back home, but you can actually see them too! Completely free app with free calls if the person you are calling also has Skype loaded on their computer or phone.

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Ten Apps No Traveller Should Be Without
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