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Switching Phone Operating Systems: The Pros and Cons from the Personal Experiences of iPhone and Android Users

The thought of switching from an iPhone to an Android or vice versa can make some people cringe in despair. The time it takes to figure out if you can transfer data and then how to do it, the fear of losing music and video files, and having to learn new applications puts one’s mind on overload. But for some reason our curiosity takes over and we wonder if we are better off with the one we have or if the grass is greener on the other side. The smartphone market is a competitive one with manufacturers doing everything in their power to sway the consumers their way.

iOS to Android

What really happens when you switch from an iPhone to an Android? Opinions seem to differ. Andy Inhatko on loved the experience. After being referenced many times as an Apple boy, he was even surprised by his transition. What he found was that something amazing had happened – the Android got great. In his words it had “killer features” so good that he even gave up his unlimited data plan. He reminded others to keep in mind that Apple still had a great product but the Android was more to his liking now. CNET, longtime iPhone user Luke Westaway had a completely different experience. He felt nothing at all really changed when he made the switch. He admitted initial adjustments and a short learning curve but it was pretty painless. All the apps he needed were available on both phones. He felt he was able to get the things he needed done on either and both were very comparable. He did not feel one was more capable than the other.

Android to iOS

Taylor Hatmaker wrote on from a woman’s point of view on why the switch from the Android to the iPhone 
was an easy decision for her. Although she loved the Android, several features on the latest iPhone 5S “lead her back to Apple’s green pastures yet again”. Notably was the size difference. Reminding the manufacturers that women have fifty percent of the buying power, she made it clear that they should take notice that women also have smaller hands. In my own experience I have heard the same complaint amongst Android users from both genders. Ladies have a hard time holding them and storing them in their small purses. The men can fit them in their front pockets. They love the size of the screen but dislike the lack of convenience when carrying an Android around.

There are always pros and cons about making a switch. On, Dwight Silverman listed a few that he felt were important to keep in mind. Android’s app selection is amazing with hundreds of thousands available. However, this same strength is a weakness. They are not pre-post vetted so several low quality apps are out there. Although its operating system is constantly being updated, there are delays to Android users because the handset makers and the carriers must both give approval. On the other side, iPhone offers an even larger selection of apps and Apple must approve them to keep them to their high standards. They also update their systems frequently, pushing the newer versions faster to the users at no additional cost.

In the end it is the experience and gratification of the user that justifies their loyalties, no matter which smartphone wins their affections. As noted by Graham Brown on, users are swayed by soft factors, things that best serve their needs. They include things like consumer’s expectations and perceptions. Is there any social benefit from one phone to the other? Do they have respect for the brand and its story? The good news is that these things can be changed, prompting the question does one really have to change phones and operating systems to get what they need. Next time you think you might want to change from one to other, give renting a consideration. If you are using the iPhone but you just can’t get rid of the thought that the Android might be better for you, then rent an Android for a little while and see how it works out. You may love it and decide to make the switch. Or you may hate it and stay with the iPhone saving you time and frustration. Whatever your decision, whichever device you like, do what’s best for you.

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Switching Phone Operating Systems: The Pros and Cons from the Personal Experiences of iPhone and Android Users
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