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Solar Mobile Charger : Charge your phone sans power

At a time when Greenpeace ac tivists in India are scouring villages, spreading the message of renewable energy, elsewhere too new ideas are breaking ground. There are more than 670 million mobile phone users in the country, a large section of them in the villages. The demand would be for clean and green energy which would cater to the ambition and fascination of the rural youth. Energy is central to development, which can be green and clean if we invest in renewable energy. Imagine a situation where mobile phones are charged by the rotation of the bicycle wheel or even by hand.
This is a solution offered by an organization called Noah’s Ark, headed by Sandipan Basu. Noah’s Ark has developed a bicycle mobile charger (Cyclo) that gives a 6V output. It is a simple device with single corded output, with adapters to power up multiple multiple portable devices and light systems. It is at tems. It is attached to the rim of the tyre and gener ates electricity when the bicycle wheel rotates. Not only the environment but your mobile too is protected. The charger is waterproof and there is also no energy loss through heat.
Another device they have developed is a manual handheld mobile charger called Roto. For this, you need no power source. You only have to rotate the handle to charge your phone. One minute of rotating gives you about three to five minutes of talk time and about 30 minutes of stand-by time. You can even charge your phone while talking by the single hand Roll-on mode. In fact, these lower charging currents can lead to longer battery life. The device comes with a multi-brand charg er with small adaptor tips in a con in a con venient plug-in pad for storage.
There is a third option. Most people in the villages today can afford motor bikes. Basu saw this trend early and developed a motorbike mobile charger called Rover. All you need to do is connect to the bike’s battery and create a charging station on the bike. Charging starts as soon as you turn on the ignition. This one comes with multi-brand chargers with small adaptor tips. The user manual is available in local languages. Basu also makes a solar mobile charger called Solo. The length of the cord is around 1.5m. An Intelligent Chip inside recognises a full battery and automatically switches to a saver mode. A plug with short circuit protection never heats or overcharges the battery . There is an LED indicator to monitor the progress of charging. The innovative travel charger automatically adjusts to all voltages and frequencies in the US, Europe and Asia.
The phone can be used while it is being charged. The device is compact, lightweight, portable, stylish and easy to store, a perfect accessory for travelling. Basu’s dream project is the bicycle charger Cyclo and motorbike mobile charger Rover. He sees immense potential in them. 
Any enterprise that uses bicycles or motorbikes to distribute their products can gain immensely by the chargers that cost only Rs 250. 
They will also serve as an incentive to newspaper hawkers who will gratefully distribute the newspapers and magazines. A similar logic holds for distributors of any other fast moving consumer goods.
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Solar Mobile Charger : Charge your phone sans power
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