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Software product development needs planning

The software product development is a process where writing and maintaining of the source code is performed to produce a software. As it is a complicated process, careful planning and execution is essential. Software product development requires research, development, modification, maintenance and other activities that produce a good software product. The reason behind any failure of the software product development is planning and inappropriate development process
Before software product development an organization should always plan and there are certain stages involved in software development:
®     Analysis – This is required in two stages in a software product development (i) While discussing with the client you need to analyze the need of the clients (ii) Analyze the actual requirement and the project needs as input. It is important to understand and provide the product that would be really helpful and satisfy the need of the customers.
®    Planning – You can determine the trouble spotsthrough proper planning. Trouble spots may rise in coding, maintaining, implementing your software.
®     Modeling – Try to focus on the methods and functions that are compulsory to complete the process in your software project and create an effective output. You can also opt for additional features once you have completed the basic part of the projects.
®     Research – This is required to understand the overall budgets for developing software. OS compatibility, maintenance and reliability depend on the language that you are going to use. You should always be flexible to adopt any language that will suit your project.  
®     Generate code – When you complete the design draft you should translate that into machine-readable form. If the design is accurate then you can easily move to coding.
®     Testing and Optimization – You need to check your things and find out whether they are working perfectly. You should check every part of the software and investigate where inconsistencies and slow-downs are occurring.  The fixation of bugs in every project is very important.
®     Launch – Before launching the product your client should be aware of it. There is no need to surprise your client. This can create a negative impact on your client. You should give a brief on the work done on the projects and the software product development process.
Software product development is a long process and it requires expertise. If you follow the stages then you can surely produce an innovative software product that will satisfy the ultimate need of your client. The software product should be cost-effective and should maintain the quality.
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Software product development needs planning
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