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Softros LAN Messenger – Taking Office Conversations beyond Office Chairs

Softros LAN Messenger

Office is a place for open collaboration and effective teamwork that helps a business to grow. So why should communication only be restricted to emails and professional chat boxes that could only be opened from desktops and laptops?

Download the Softros LAN Messenger

Softros LAN Messenger is a user-friendly messaging platform that allows people to connect easily within an effective intra-office communication environment. You can download it from Google Play Store.

And this powerful chat app is not just available for PCs but also for smartphones and tablets that run on Android Operating System. So that your team members can carry on their communication and production even beyond office desktops.

Where Can the Softros LAN Messenger be used?

Anywhere beyond the Office Chair

No more sticking to office chairs, waiting for an urgent mail to arrive in your inbox. You can both send and receive important mails even as you get up from your place and walk into –

  • A conference room
  • Cafetaria
  • Discussing an important project outside your cubicle
  • And anywhere, as long as your friends are using this new chat messenger with a slick interface.

Other Benefits

1. Connecting with Your Colleagues is faster than Ever

As you open the app, you will be taken to the home page straight. Here you can view who else are available online. All you have to do is click on any user and send a message instantly.

Softros 8

No need for sending any add request. Softros LAN Messenger quickly connects all active users within the same local area network.

Softros app

Softros lan app

2. Create Group Conversations

Softros LAN Messenger also encourages team work. So if you need to make an important conversation with selected few, you can create a new group conversation and then invite those whom you want to add to the conversation based on specific project needs.

Softros google play app

3. Organize Your Contact List

Is too many contacts on the list making it difficult for you? The app enables users to reorganize their contact list every time they log into the app.

With the ‘Hide Offline Users’ option, they can hide contacts that are not currently available to chat.


Check Information that Matter to You

Need to find out which network type your chat messenger is connected to? Or how other users view you on the app?

With options like ‘Network’ and ‘User Information’, you can quickly check –

  • Status
  • ID
  • System
  • Device Name
  • IP Address
  • Operating System
  • Messenger Version


You can also set your status according to your wish. If you are busy working or sitting at an important conference meet, then change your status to let other users know about it.

4. Chat in a Secured Network

Softros LAN chat software ensures that all your conversations and data are safe. All data are encrypted with AES -256 that strictly works within a company network. This allows users to freely converse with other colleagues while discouraging any kind of conversation happening outside an organization.

The software also saves your internet bandwidth and the number of firewalls that your system opens. This prevents outside interventions of hackers and IM worms.

5. A Dedicated Messaging Server

Once downloaded, the chat messenger becomes a dedicated messaging server that’s easy to use. Users don’t have to undergo any kind of special training for using this app. And you can easily tweak your app without the need of any IT support.

6. Available on Other OS Platforms

The app is available for free on Android Operating System. It is also available on Windows and Mac versions.

As a review test, I have used the app on my Android based smartphone. But if you are looking for information about Windows and Mac versions, then can learn more about its PC-to-PC user interface from their official website.

A Few Important Points to Note

Another New Feature to be Added Soon

Team collaboration also includes sharing of great ideas. When I opened the app, this is what struck me at first.At present, the app does not have an option for sharing important files or documents. However, the team is working on it and hopefully the feature will be available in the app soon.

The User Experience

It’s sleek and easy to use. The overall design of the app has been kept simple so that users do not have to hassle through complicated designs.

Connecting to other users is fast and you can message them instantly.

Its wi-fi connectivity makes the app cost-effective from an entrepreneur’s point of view.


Communication between colleagues is important for a business to grow effectively. And this should not be restricted within restricted network connections available on PCs and laptops. Make your conversation mobile by downloading the app today.

Softros LAN Messenger – Taking Office Conversations beyond Office Chairs
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