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Simplifying PC Optimization with A System Mechanic Coupon Code

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Ever wondered what is the best way to give your lethargic PC a dopamine shot of new life and get going? No, you needn’t break the bank or buy a new machine, thanks to a few generous discount coupons provided by the manufacturer. Enhancing the speed of your PC is equally important and can be done without taking much pain. I tried the new System Mechanic software to boost the speed of my PC but it also came with whole lot other options as well.


With over 80 million PCs repaired till date and 18 years of experience in PC tune-up, System Mechanic by Iolo has come at the right time for all the Windows systems from 7 and up. Multiple PC installs are also possible and the whole process is easy as pie. It helps in automatically increasing the CPU speed when you launch your favorite game or live streaming. This is done by optimizing Windows Internet settings, enabling less buffering and faster downloads.

What Does It Actually Do

System Mechanic aims in running your PC to its full potential by cleaning up the unwanted, junk files which may cause unnecessary delay in the processing speed of the system. It enhances prompt computing speed and monitors the performance index of your computer, suggesting ways to increase performance output.

The software also helps in fixing the sudden crashes and freezes, and restores your program, keeping your PC stable and error-free. It exposes those little programs which are launched by default when you start your computer and slow it down substantially, controlling which programs to run on startup thereby enabling Windows to work at optimum speed.

Why To Get A Software Like This

Anyone who has invested in a good PC would require a protective shield. System Mechanic’s security features give you a timely reminder of the updates and patches required for your PC. It safeguards your personal data while deleting unwanted files. Cleaning up of the files lives up to the expectations, by providing your PC a strong defensive shield against possible threats. It also helps in eliminating and cleaning up foreign contents harmful for the system in a prompt and efficient manner. Its enhanced registry tuner optimizes and backs up the registry.

Price and Discount Coupons

Be it your new laptop or your old PC, the software is worth every penny. Available now at $45.95, even the simple version of System Mechanic is the best thing you can give to your computer. I found a system mechanic coupon at and got 20% discount. There are more iolo coupons if you are interested to other products as well like the Pro version, the System Shield or the DriveScrubber.

Other Offers

They offer free product support and a 30-day money back guarantee. You can choose for a trial version with all the features for a limited period of time, which can be transformed to full license after purchase. A discount is on the cards if you upgrade to multiple years of the product’s service. Furthermore, you can choose to get the physical version of the software on a CD, shipped to your doorstep as a backup at your disposal.

My Verdict

While no rose is without thorns, there are few cons for the software. Some users have found the registry booster feature to clash with the antivirus side of it. That said, System Mechanic is a great all-in-one software that offers a slew of utilities that straightens the registry, cleans the junk files, protects from viruses, handles startup programs, erases history, and removes spyware and malware. PC Optimization doesn’t get simpler than this.

Simplifying PC Optimization with A System Mechanic Coupon Code
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