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Shortcuts that are Tempting but are Ruining Your SEO Efforts

In the world of Internet technology, search engines are destined to admire popularity, quality, and relevance algorithmically. This is possible only through organic SEO strategies that facilitate a business or ecommerce sites to attract traffic as more as possible. These sites are deployed not only for fulfilling the sales objectives efficiently but also for building as well as maintaining positive brand building.
However, the high degree of dynamism in SEO and the changing search engine algorithms have made the Web masters of these sites to strive harder each year for some instantly effective marketing strategies. Nevertheless, these promising strategies are easily mistaken as shortcuts to SEO goals, which seem to be very rewarding but always end up ruining your online marketing efforts.
What has happened is that businesses with little or medium brand equity have gone ahead to implement shortcut solutions that have been actually penalized later. That is why firms that treasure their brand equity must avert these marketing shortcuts, as they can potentially lead to being banned by Google entirely. One needs to keep in mind that online popularity is not gained only by having great products but is also obtained on how search engines look at the business site. There are some SEO shortcuts that tend to spoil the impression of the site in the eyes of the search engines. So, which are these high-risk shortcut strategies? Let’s explore them now so that you can stop using them as quickly as possible!

Purchasing Links

It is not hidden to the SEO experts that how badly Google penalize those who implement link building by buying links. But still this practice has not been given a complete farewell, as there are some paid schemes that are yet to be caught. It would not be wrong to say that the life of these surviving schemes can end at any time.
The algorithms of search engines disrespect paid links, as they totally take the undue advantage of the algorithmic dependency on links that reflect quality. As a rule, a site that receives many links is of high quality but they should not be paid or obtained in exchange for product. In short, these links should be obtained naturally, not via favors. Well, Google is smart enough to detect this by developing intelligent algorithms that can now sense and devalue links that come from farms, paid schemes, and rings.

False Profiles

There are a few link building experts who tend to create small sites along with social profiles that are meant to link to the content of their clients. But this shortcut is also not hidden from the search engines as they can easily find out all the profiles posted on different social platforms along with small blogs all of which link back to a single site. This is nothing but link spam wherein links are directed to the site of the client even if the profiles are connected with the blogs that are linked to the client site.

Duplicate Content

This is the main problem that is more evident in case of ecommerce sites that are always dependent on product descriptions. These descriptions get duplicated when several sites offer the same products that are on sale on a single ecommerce site. This is because each of these sites now contains the description of these products. Typically, product descriptions are not eligible for a penalty. It is actually remarkable to see a product description in use by several sites. But at the same time, unique content is the need of an hour. Therefore, you need to get the descriptions rewritten uniquely or engage buyers to contribute their own unique descriptions.

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Shortcuts that are Tempting but are Ruining Your SEO Efforts
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