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Saving your bucks with 4 great iPhone applications – Stay frugal and fashionable

Saving money can never be easier than it is now. With the latest technologies in the iPhone, you can stay fashionable and frugal at the same time. During these tough times, everyone is looking for ways to save money in every way possible. What can be better than being able to save money while staying fashionable with your latest iPhone? There are many applications that can help an iPhone user save his dollars and help lead a financially fit life. Though the banks are developing a large number of applications, yet here are some non bank offerings of some latest iPhone applications that will help you save your bucks.
·         The currency converter: If you travel a lot to foreign countries, you must have been ripped off due to your awful mathematical abilities. Those who travel throughout the world, they often find themselves in debt as they often tend to lose money when buying things with other currencies. With this iPhone application, it is possible for you to access currencies of over 200 countries throughout the globe. This enables you to stay educated on the amount that you’re paying while getting a thing in some other country. However, you must notice that this application is a must for you only if you have the habit of traveling throughout the world.
·         BillMinder: Nowadays it is a trend to carry multiple credit cards. More than one credit card will lead to the possibility of incurring debt on all your cards. It is almost impossible for a person to remember all the due dates of the cards. This application, called the BillMinder, it is easier to remember the due dates on your multiple debt accounts and paying off your debts on time.
·         Inrix Traffic: We all know that time is money and the time that you’re stuck in traffic, is nothing but wasting your hard earned dollars. You’re being barred from reaching your job and earning money. However, in such a situation, if you have the Inrix Traffic application installed in your iPhone, you can get traffic maps within a fraction of a second. You’ll be able to avoid troubled roads and quickly break free from that space.
·         Gas Buddy: With this application, known as GasBuddy, you’ll be able to get the exact information about the nearby gas stations and the exact prices offered by them. You can stay aware of the real time prices and avoid getting duped by them. This application can be especially beneficial for those who live in densely populated areas.
Thus, if you’re a frugal person by heart, make sure you install the above mentioned applications in your brand new iPhone and save your hard-earned dollars. Pay off your debts on time and stay fashionable lead to happy financial life.
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