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Ridlr – Navigation Comes With a New Twist

What is the purpose of a public transit app?

In my opinion the best public transit apps do not only help you navigate around a place but should do much more. By much more I mean being able to plan an entire day’s travel. One should be able to do everything from booking bus tickets, recharging your metrocards, and even live traffic updates.


Hence, mobile app Ridlr, available on Android, has been gaining attention recently for its ability to track and alert commuters about the the best train, bus, and metro timings. The attention grabbed by the app is what deserved as it is well-designed, responsive, simple, and extremely adept at monitoring transportation timings and predicting when they’ll change and by how much.

Appearance and Layout

The biggest reason I like Ridlr is because its design is clean, straightforward, and very user-friendly. Ridlr is perfect for anyone who uses public transportation. Whether someone lives in an urban area, is environmentally-conscious and wants to do their best to minimize their carbon footprint, while also getting to their destination on time Ridlr is the app to have in our phones.

The appearance and layout of Ridlr is superb, with easy to read text, icons, and aesthetically appealing colors. The time tables are easy to maneuver through and find the routes that we want. Ridlr’s look has been kept simple yet modern and done a great job with making a very useful and user-friendly Android app for India.


This useful app enables commuters to find the cheapest, fastest, and most environmentally-friendly way to get from one point to another.

  • Get Public Transport Schedule & Timetables

Ridlr allows us to combine our route with a number of transportation methods, whether we want to take a walk, share a car with friends, travel on a bus, or ride the metro to work. Ridlr has it covered by combining both private and public means of transportation, thus ensuring we are never stranded again. Besides planning your route, Ridlr also shows timetables and live service alerts.

  • Live Traffic Updates & Announcements

Avoid getting stuck in traffic ever again. Ridlr keeps you up-to-date with the traffic alerts and light traffic routes to your destination. Get timely notifications on traffic and public transport updates

  • Personal Transit Assistant

Unsure about your exact location? Not to worry at all. Ridlr will guide you towards your destination step-by-step whether it is your nearby stations, or anything beyond.

  • Travel Cashless On Your Next NMMT Bus Journey

Having to carry change so that you can pay your bus or taxi fare is a hassle. With Ridlr as a part of your smartphone app, you now do not have to worry about having to pay small amounts for every bus commute that you make. Ridlr promotes cashless travel

ridlr app play store

  • Recharge Your Reliance Mumbai Metro Card

Are you tired of standing in long cues and getting pushed around just to recharge your metro card? Bid adieu to this misery as Ridlr enables you to recharge your Reliance Mumbai Metro Card on the go. Though the function is only active for Mumbai commuters for now, the app is aiming to cover more cities shortly.


Ridlr is a free navigation app found on Google Play Store and is focused on helping us save money by finding the most fuel efficient, cheapest, and fastest route around your city. Hence, at this price the app gives an awesome value.

Ridlr – Navigation Comes With a New Twist
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