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Proficient Mac Photo Recovery Software Made it Possible to Recover Lost Photos

Last week my younger brother came back from his first foreign trip to Italy. This trip was one of the most memorable trips of his life as he was representing his college there. Thus, to preserve this life time experience, he clicked a good number of photographs. To share his experience with all the family members, Mom organized a small family get together. So, after long hours of conversation and laughs, we all sat together to see the pictures on his Mac. But, as soon as he inserted the memory card to his Mac, something went awry to it as the Mac started
showing an error and rendered all the pictures inaccessible. We inserted the card for number of times but with no luck. The issue was big as my brother didn’t have the backup of all those pictures. However, my brother is a technologically advanced person, so without wasting time, he started searching for reliable Mac photo recovery software.
During his search for proficient Mac photo recovery software, he found a number of reasons behind digital photo loss, some of them are:
  • Corruption in the storage media like memory card, hard drive of computer, etc
  • Virus attack to the storage media
  • Accidental or intentional deletion
  • Accidental or intentional formatting of the storage media
  • Read/Write errors of the digital camera, etc
Thus, after an intense search, he found one of the highly recommended photo recovery software for Mac, namely Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery software. This software penetrates the storage media and scans it throughout to recover lost photos and other multimedia files. Moreover, if your memory card is corrupt but is recognized by your Mac then too the software copes up with it to recover your valuable photos, videos, and other multimedia files.
However, as he was still not sure about the recovery, so initially he downloaded the free demo version of the software. The demo version shows the preview of the recoverable photos and other multimedia files after a successful scanning of the effected storage media. Thus, after getting satisfied by the demo version, he purchased the license of full version which bears a minimal cost and recovered all his photos in just three simple recovery steps as:
Start: Attached the storage media (in our case it was memory card) to his Mac and Started ‘Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery’ software then selected the memory card.
Scan: Then, pressed ‘Scan’ to start the scanning process of the effected media.
Save: After the successful scanning saved all the recovered photos to the desired location.   
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Proficient Mac Photo Recovery Software Made it Possible to Recover Lost Photos
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