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Problems Your Business Can Face if PR and the Digital Technology are Not Merged

For any business to survive and grow in today’s time, it is vital to incorporate the digital tools in public relations program. However, this requires a complete transformation of your program because of the dynamic digital world out there. It is known that public relations is a field of communication due to which one may think that quick propagation of digital tools and technology would make it more effective.

Although this has been proved true in some consumer-related areas, technology-based firms may not find it that beneficial. The problem is that many tested public relations tools were introduced at different times, and that the usage of modern digital tools in that field is just an overlay. Therefore, unless the entire structure of public relations program is reformed to reap the most out of the digital technology, nothing worth can be gained. This involves dealing with someone who can change your vision into achievable milestones. But if this is not done, your business can face several problems as discussed below.

No Consideration for Digital Audience

Conventional public relations tools such as white paper and press release have proved to be very effective to grab the attention of professional audience. However, in today’s digital world, the public relations program is addressing non-journalistic audience such as prospective consumers, new stakeholders, and industry analysts who are not accustomed to get information in the conventional formats. Information given in such formats can annoy the customers who can take no time to ignore your vital facts. For these people to read what you share; it is vital to offer well-structured and formatted information or else it will be ignored easily. This is why tweets, blogs, and status updates are more preferred than press releases.

Creation of a Puzzle between Public Relations Movements and Outcomes

Most business owners are of the opinion that a mere product announcement is enough to obtain the desired results in terms of increased customers. But this is not so. Such announcements written on regular or frequent basis can mislead the client by making her or him think that they are the results of public relations. Therefore, the real announcements should be how your company is working in solving the problems of the customers, how is this communicated to the digital audiences, and how this works in alignment with sales and marketing, and so on. Activities and results are two separate entities. These are the milestones to the digital public relations results. In short, you must plan your public relations program such that it supports your business goal and objectives.

Disregard for Time of Senior Employees

One of the issues with old tools is that they are quite unproductive, which simply wastes the time of senior management involved in it. According to Bill Laberis who is an editor and have gone through many press tours, a minimum of 1/3rd of press tours can be removed if the upper executives only find out and justify the need of such tours. This means that most press tours are simply not needed behind which much time is wasted. This does not mean that press tours should not be preferred at all. They are required in some cases such as when developing a new area for sales or conducting a show for major customers. However, this fact does not justify that all press tours are essential. But this problem is solved totally when the digital public relations program take up all the front end work so that the seniors can spend time in actual interviews and not in calls by media.
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Problems Your Business Can Face if PR and the Digital Technology are Not Merged
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