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Pick out the Perfect Color Scheme for Mobile Web Design

For preparing color scheme of your mobile site, you can modify existing scheme of desktop website. However, in such a situation, you need to pay attention to the technical limitations of mobile devices. Additionally, you should limit the use of gradients and background pictures.
Pick out the Perfect Color Scheme for Mobile Web Design
Choosing color scheme for mobile version of your website can be a tricky process. You need to ensure that colors do not interfere with usability of your mobile site. Other issues exist as well. We provide you with few tips that will help you to prepare color scheme for mobile version of a site.
Choosing color palette of your mobile website
To pick out color palette of your mobile site, you do not need to start from scratch. Rather, you can reuse the desktop color scheme. We will explain the process. Start by stripping down the color scheme of desktop version of your website. This means that if you do not want to include certain website components in your mobile site, remove their colors.
Once you are done with this step, ensure that the remaining colors appear attractive in the mobile site. If certain colors appear too dazzling for a mobile device, replace them.
We understand the fact that certain situation (for example, when functionality of your mobile site is drastically different from its desktop counterpart) demands creating mobile version of a website from the scratch. However, even in such a case, you can modify existing color palette of your site. Alternatively, you can develop a new palette.
Consider limitation of mobiles
If you explore Internet via mobiles, you must have noticed that mobile version of websites display limited colors. This is because of the fact that mobiles have low color depth and can highlight few colors.
For this reason, while choosing the color palette of your mobile website design, stick to few colors. Opt for the main colors. Avoid using additional colors because the mobile site may fail to display them properly.
Opt for high contrast schemes
Do you know that only high contrast schemes suit mobile sites? You may argue that the contrast and brightness settings stated by the manufacturer are perfect for your mobile site. However, sticking to these default settings can interfere with usability of your site. The reason is that these default settings cannot analyze the surrounding environment and adjust accordingly.
Let us assume that a user decides to explore your mobile site that contains default brightness and contrast settings during the day. However, chances are high that he/she will not be able to view your site properly. This is because during the daylight, contrast and brightness of your mobile site will be lower, as compared to the settings mentioned by the manufacturer.
Additionally, many users opt for reduced brightness and contrast settings intentionally for saving energy. This means that your mobile site will be viewed with reduced contrast and brightness. To counterbalance these situations, using a high contrast color scheme is essential.
Limit usage of background pictures and gradients
Some website designers may find this idea shocking. However, considering limitations of mobile sites, you should reduce the usage of background pictures and gradients. Contrary to desktops, mobile phones do not highlight background pictures and gradients properly. For this reason, reducing their usage can be a great idea.
Before choosing color scheme of a mobile web design, you need to consider limitations of the design. Furthermore, you should ensure that the color scheme creates a soothing effect on the eyes.
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Pick out the Perfect Color Scheme for Mobile Web Design
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