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Norton’s Latest attempt for enhancing Data Security in iPhones

Norton has recently taken special measures to ensure that the security of the crucial data held in the smartphones is boosted largely. Norton has earlier made useful and user-friendly software for the Android phones. Norton offers iPad and iPhone version for safeguarding private and sensitive data against the cyber-criminals. It can be seen as an outstanding attempt put forward by Norton to prevent cyber-crime.

One of the major concerns for the businesses today is data security. With the growing number of users surfing the internet with the help of their handheld devices, concern for data security has dramatically risen. Apple iPhone is a major gadget that is popular among the remote workers and within the workplaces today.

Figures in the UK indicate the rising number of mobile theft cases where users have lost mobile phones that contained highly confidential and crucial data. If a survey by KnowtheNet is to be believed, 38% of the British adults have been found keeping their personal data on their phones. It can include anything starting from the crucial details of the online banking to their social media passwords and so on.

Issue worsens with smart device users not utilising the password-protect technology for safeguarding their handsets. Figures suggest that there are 44% of such users in the UK today. Norton’s new mobile security software boasts of features that can help users save as well as backup contacts for their iOS, iPad and Android devices.

With Norton’s new security features operated via web, users can also lock or control the security of their devices from just anywhere across the world. It is expected that most of the businesses will find the software implementation contributing to a dramatic improvement in the data security measures.

Kevin Haley, Norton’s director of the security response states, “Your smartphone is as sophisticated if not more than your PC”. Users can also get their stolen or lost devices pinpointed on the map with the help of the Remote Locate function present in the software.
Haley also added confidently, “It has all the same information, it’s got your work information and your personal information. It even has financial transactions on it. Why wouldn’t the bad guys target it?”

Norton’s attempt for boosting security in iPhones will help in controlling loss resulting from mobile theft. Criminals have been targeting smartphones for extraction of personal identity details, passwords and several other sensitive corporate data.

Growth of all the fake iPhone applications is also a way in which valuable and sensitive information is accessed from the iPhone devices. In future, Norton’s attempt will positively cause a reduction in the growth of such cases. For all the Barclay Simpson news, visit Barclay Simpson UK. 
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Norton’s Latest attempt for enhancing Data Security in iPhones
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