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Nexus 6P vs iPhone SE vs Huawei P9 vs LG G5 – Which Mobile Phone Reigns Right Now?

2016 is filled with exciting new gadgets and consumer devices! New trends are emerging and are surely being spotted on the radars of many tech enthusiasts. Virtual Reality (VR) consoles are making waves in the world of gaming while dual lens cameras are dominating the mobile phones scene. Robots and drones are slowly being introduced to the market while localization of apps is a buzz with software developers.

mobile phone comparison

In the realm of communications, tech companies have been investing a lot in improving mobile phone features. This year, Chinese tech giant Huawei is stepping up their game to battle out with the more expensive smartphone range. Korean-born LG on the other hand, is trying to win some customers against its sibling rival, Samsung. Google on the other hand is trying to take a swipe at Apple that has also launched an iPhone geared for the mid-range smartphone category.

With these brands employing some shifts in their marketing strategies, consumers are starting to argue, “Which phone does it better?” Four major phones in the market so far are actually battling it out to the top: Google’s Nexus 6P, LG G5, Huawei P9, and the iPhone SE. Each has its own set of features and special additions to make people buy them. But in order to sell, they have to prove themselves first.

Here’s a comparison guide to help you decide your winner!

Weight 178 g 159 g 144 g 113 g
Display 5.7 in 5.3 in 5.2 in 4 in
Memory 32/64/128 GB


Card Slot? No

32 GB


Card Slot? Yes

32/64 GB

3/ 4 GB

Card Slot? Yes

16/64 GB

2 GB

Card Slot? No

Camera Single Lens

12.3 MP

Dual Lens

16 + 8 MP

Dual Lens

12 + 12 MP

Leica Optics

Single Lens

12 MP

Battery 23 Hours (Talk) 20 Hours (Talk) 15 Hours (Talk) 14 Hours (Talk)

#1. Weight

The era of bulky mobile phones is so over. Remember the times when you had to carry your phone on your pocket and it’s so bulky and heavy that it just bulged horrendously from your leg? Well gladly, technology was able to change this trend and we’re all getting slimmer and more pocket-friendly phones these days.

When it comes to being the lightest, the Apple iPhone SE wins this round. Only at 114 grams, the iPhone won’t feel like a rock in your pocket. The phone is also smaller in comparison to the other three, making it an anti-trend to the large screen phones we see these days.

The Nexus 6P on the other hand proves to be the heaviest of the four at 178 grams.

#2. Display

Talking about screen size however, the Nexus 6P steals the show at 5.7 inches. It’s the biggest of the four, which could also explain why it is so bulky. It boasts a cinematic display design that other phones do not have, letting your eyes roam more freely on the screen.

When it comes to having the smallest screen size, the Apple iPhone is the choice at 4 inches only. Smaller displays could be a boon when it comes to portability but to those who prefer an easier time touching the screen, the 4-inch display might prove to be more challenging.

#3. Memory

Data storage is very important to users these days. And smartphones are serving as extensions of our memories. Of course, users are leaning on to those with larger memory capacity. Among these four gadgets, the Nexus 6P offers the most built-in memory at 128 GB. However, it does not offer a card slot option. Only LG G5 and Huawei P9 offer expandable memory options.

The iPhone SE has a 16 and 64 GB option but users who opt for the 16 GB are on the losing end because ever since, Apple never allowed card slots into their iPhones.

#4. Camera

Smartphones are doubling now as digital cameras, sometimes even replacing the best point-and-shoot devices out there. Trumping this category is the Huawei P9. Tech users consider it as the best camera smartphone ever, beating out the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. It uses dual optic lens crafted by none other than the camera legend Leica of Germany. This is Huawei’s first successful entry in the high-end phone market and it’s pulling in a lot of awesome feedback.

Competing for the same dual lens tech is the LG G5. It boasts a 12 MP lens and an 8 MP wide-angle lens. Though not as “elite” as the P9, it is a flexible device that can be used both outdoors and for selfies.

The iPhone SE and Nexus 6P both have 12 MP single lens snappers.

#5. Battery

When it comes to battery life, the Google Nexus 6P beats out the rest at 23 hours of talk time. Next is LG G5 with 20 hours talk time and the battery can be unmounted from the device ala “gun cartridge.” The Huawei P9 has a less impressive talk time performance at 15 hours while the iPhone SE can only last for 14 hours.

So who’s the winner?

When it comes to the biggest display, the largest memory, and the longest battery life, Google Nexus 6P wins the competition. The Huawei P9 earns the best camera (and best style) while the Apple iPhone wins the ‘lightest smartphone award’ amongst the four. But when it comes to overall performance, it may perhaps be the LG G5. It didn’t top any of the categories but it always falls second to the top. So it’s a pretty well-rounded device.

But in the end, it’s still all up to you!

Nexus 6P vs iPhone SE vs Huawei P9 vs LG G5 – Which Mobile Phone Reigns Right Now?
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