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New Potential for High-Resolution, Long-Range Imaging in Mobile Devices via Novel Telephoto Lens Stack Design

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The promise of high-resolution, long-range imaging for mobile devices is inching closer. Last week, lens tech developers, NexOptic and Spectrum successfully completed the engineering trade study of a new telephoto lens stack design intended for mobile devices, including smartphones. The Companies believe this new telephoto lens stack design, called Diamond Blade Optics™, with its relatively large aperture, has the potential to provide high-resolution, long-range imaging for mobile devices.

The completion of the engineering trade study is the first step in the Companies’ plan to expand their optical technology pipeline. Earlier this year, the companies unveiled their main technology, Blade Optics™, a novel lens stack design that incorporates a novel, mobile device optical system.

Uniquely engineered, the new lens stack design incorporates a novel, mobile device optical system and builds on the benefits of the fundamental “compress before focus” approach of both the patent-pending Blade Optics™ and Diamond Blade Optics™ technologies.

The technology uses compressing light that allows subsequent focusing elements to be compact while retaining high image quality. This approach opens up the possibility of a larger aperture within the given depth constraints of a mobile device. Initial simulations indicate the optical performance of the new telephoto lens stack design could greatly improve angular resolution from existing consumer smartphone lens systems.

Anticipated Mobile Telephoto Lens Stack Design and Performance Improvements

John Daugela, President of Spectrum Optix and Director of NexOptic, said: “Our goal with developing this smartphone demonstration prototype is two-pronged. First, we envision a telephoto lens stack that can be manufactured at a competitive price. Second, we aim to deliver a smartphone telephoto lens system that captures better images of objects at a distance than what is currently available in the market. A consistent critique of smartphone cameras is that they take poor-quality pictures of objects that are far away, and we aim to change that.”

Benefits of Blade Optics™ Technology

The Companies believe that Blade Optics™ has the potential to breakdown many of the limitations associated with conventional, curved lens stacks:

  • Aperture size: Blade Optics™ may allow the aperture-to-depth ratio to be increased in depth-limited optical devices to permit increased resolution compared analytics to conventional curved optical devices with similar depth.
  • Compactness: Decreasing the depth of the lens stack would create the possibility of more compact and practical imaging devices.

Next Phase for Mobile Development

Spectrum has commenced the second phase in its mobile device prototype development program. This will include, but is not limited to, refining specifications based on industry feedback, completing detailed optical designs, defining various tolerances for its lens stack, and finalizing and sourcing materials and related components.

While, the development of the new prototype and the application of Spectrum’s technology to mobile devices is at a relatively early stage, additional work, including further engineering and other studies, are required to complete the prototype and demonstrate the potential application of such technology for mobile and other devices, and its commercial potential.

For more information, and to view recent photos of space using the Blade Optics technology, log on to

New Potential for High-Resolution, Long-Range Imaging in Mobile Devices via Novel Telephoto Lens Stack Design
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