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Neil Patel Decoded! 6 Revealing Blog Posting Rules To Get You Higher Conversion

Blogs should be engaging to read, fun to communicate and interesting enough to convert and that is why, we seldom seek to follow the style and pattern of those who have already mastered the art of writing them with excellence. A good writing does not come with a set of mandatory rules to follow. At least for me, the key to good writing comes when you are able to set up a conversation with your fellow readers and that can be anyhow. Sometimes, we tend to follow the style of other good writers in order to get a fair understanding of how to write engaging copies. Even I do it and which had helped me in more than one way possible. But of all the writers that I have come across, it is Neil Patel (the co-founder of Crazy Egg and Hello Bar) who had inspired me the most. And I am not just talking here about the manner and style of his writing, but rather the persona that he had set up for his blog pages.

neil patel

If you have already gone through his blog pages like Quick Sprout or Kissmetrics, then you would know by what I have just meant in the above paragraph. There sure goes a hell lot of ideas and effort with blog creation, for writing just cannot win the game single handedly. You have to divide your attention on each element, be it the title of the content or the tone that one uses. Moreover, Neil Patel had been remarkable to not only pen down but to also show others how to begin some serious blogging. So, if you are looking for a tip or two on how to write an engaging article like a professional, the better start from the middle than begin from the core. This is because, basics are something that is nothing new and which stays along with any writing style that you adopt. So here now; after much study I have finally mustered the courage to help my fellow readers get a little dose of Neil Patel – the man whose blogs I can read like a story book anytime, anywhere without getting bored down and here are some key usage that you might discover patent in his blog content.

6 Blog Posting Styles You Can Follow The Neil Patel Way

#1 – Introducing A Familiar but Unconventional Title

To begin with, take a look at some of these blog titles from Neil’s blog pages that I you might be interested to look into –

  • Guest-Posting On Steroids: A 4 Step Blueprint That the Top Guest Posters Use
  • ‘How To Get Your First 1000 Facebook Fans’
  • ‘How To Receive Great Testimonials’
  • ‘How To Get Users To Embrace Your Offer (Without Resorting To Shady Marketing Techniques’
  • ‘6 Ways To Create Product Description That Destroy Sales’

I once asked an SEO executive as to why is it that most contents have their titles starting with ‘How to…’ or ‘ 5 Best…’. He explained that a question based or a list-based title makes content far easier to look for. Besides, people can remember it better when you frame it in question pattern of style. Neil’s blogs too follow such familiar styles when it comes to writing titles.

Each of the titles written is composed of essential elements for the right impact. They start with a list, a question or a statement; followed by superlative form of verb or a fact that is bound to draw our attention bang on! You would not be able to trace Neil’s manner of writing in any other content produced by other writers. And so, when you come across his blogs, you know for sure it’s his. His unconventional and yet familiar titles draw a signature trademark that sets his blog pages for a familiar and yet unconventional tone to draw the curiosity of a reader’s mind.

#2 – Making a Kick off Start

Nothing beats a blog that begins with a good start. The first few sentences should be able to work the charm to convert the viewer into a reader. To follow Neil’s content structure, I thought it best to highlight the beginning of his blogs. Commence reading his blogs and you would notice each of them kicks off with a start that reveals a thought or rather an attention gripping plain fact. However, the experimentation does not seem to be segmented to a singular type or category. Apart from traits like holding an observation or on-trend news, use of interrogation is another element that you are more likely to encounter if you are an avid Neil Patel reader.

#3 – Examples from Real Life

What is that one thing that makes Neil’s blogs interesting and compelling to read? Well first of all, Neil always backs up his statement with favorable observations or with some new marketing trick that he had recently tried out and found it worth mentioning. Whether it is the ‘100 k challenge or a factual news that claims ‘36% of businesses still struggle to produce the right content’; his points are always supported by credible references to data.

#4 – Incomplete Without Pictures

His blog length can exceed 1000 words, but his content is never absent of pictures. Be it the elaborately drawn info graphics that fall in the middle of the content or at the end, the simple website screenshots or even the complex graphic presentation of recent data reports; Neil’s blog page utilizes them all. Pictures not only make content visually attractive but they give a break to the reader’s eyes from the continuous scroll that one has to make while perusing the entire blog content. Probably that is what makes it worth scrolling down to read further and learn online marketing tricks and stuffs penned down by the expert himself.

#5 – Other Factors on the Blog Page

The blog page is one of your content marketing tools that make you sound both informational and place an authoritative satisfaction among readers, which in turn leads to successful conversion. But is it only a matter of writing a good content? No. Just as pictures make a good visual impression, your blog page comes with other elements like PPC ads, a sign up form, the author bio and more. I did not know much about the static or even the scrolling ads or would not have shown much interest until my encounter with Neil’s Quick Sprout blog page where you would get to find both kinds. And these ads are not just mere visual graphics and catchy captions. Neil had utilized the power of his client testimonials and images on these ads that had sure grabbed my attention and of many others. Sometimes, a catchy caption or graphical description need not be the traditional depiction that we see. In the world of marketing even the simplest thing can be attention seeking and you need to be aware which one of them would be. You may not find the static one in his present design version, but the scrolling on is still there while a sign up form for a free course is what is now you might get to see as an example of the static advertisement.

The Kissmetrics blog page on the other hand has a scrolling ad asking you to take the call to action and a sign up form to receive daily email notification. When observed carefully, both come with a clean layout but unlike Kissmetrics, Quick Sprout contains experimentation with the new. While traditionally we get to locate the author bio section at the bottom of the blog, Quick Sprout has its author bio section placed on the right hand side beside a blog, the place that is sure to grab attention quicker and instantly. The reader can have a quick glance at the author bio as they continue to read the blog, which in itself is a clever strategy especially for young writers who are looking forward to seek some attention of the readers.

The Last Finishing Point without Which Neil’s Blog Page Decode Remains Incomplete

#6- To Keep the Page Fresh and Updated

Your blog page too needs to be constantly updated just like your website. That is because, everyday someone or the other come to communicate with you and hence visual appearance is always a crucial factor that is hard to overlook here. But that does not simply mean changing the graphics, the layout or even the color tone. It’s about making your readers get a real life acquaintance with your back office daily drama. For example, take a look at Neil’s author bio. Well, the current picture that you get is of his avatar with a new hairdo, which is unlike the previous one where his head is spotted with quick sprouts of short black curls. That is like keeping your readers emotionally attached with the way your work space progresses and in turn leads to better build up of client relationship.

Indeed! Mr. Patel had always managed to bring in a blend of his creative approach with that of his work and that is why I have always found his blog page to be far more entertaining than any others.

Neil Patel Decoded! 6 Revealing Blog Posting Rules To Get You Higher Conversion
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