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Movavi Screen Recorder: An Easy Way to Capture Screen Video

movavi screen recorder

Thinking about capturing a video screen but don’t know which software to use? Well here is a solution for you – the Movavi Screen Recorder.

The Movavi Screen Capture can help you capture any type of screen activity and then save it to any format style that you want to. It can be a tutorial screencast, an online video, a flash animation for a website, a video chat that you want while conversing with your family and friends. And there are many more fun things that the Movavi Screen Recorder can help you to do like program to record screen.

A Movavi Screen Capture can help you record high quality video shots upto 60 frames per second. All you have to do is select any capture mode. You can also do it by adjusting the settings. Video capturing has got as easy as any photo capturing software. You can convert the video format into any device friendly styles – mobile, tablets, or for any kind of online portals – Facebook, YouTube, S3 or FTP.

You can record screencasts along with voice over. This you can record for any device format style too.

Apart from that, you can easily capture any video screenshot and then edit on them or save them in any graphic format.

Video Screen Capturing Gone Easy: Where You Can Use Movavi

To Send Client Feedbacks: You can use the program to record screen to send client feedbacks and then discuss it with the concerned animators or project managers. Editing the video screen record can help you mark down the areas that you want to make the following changes.


Movavi Screen Recorder

1. Useful for Post-Project Discussion Meeting

Before kicking off to any production work, it’s very important to gather all your team members and have a talk about what are the client requirements and then plan it out. Remembering the client requirements while having a conversation with him or her might not be that easy if you are not penning it down. However, penning down all the requirements can also be tough, because you might miss out some important points.

With Movavi, you can capture important Skype video calls and then take it to discuss with your team members to decide how and what to do when starting this project.

2. Create Your Own Christmas Video Formats

Capture and create your own video formats this Christmas. Funny moments, Greetings, and more. You can then develop it in your own format choice and then share it to any conversation platforms

3. Movavi Video Screen Capturing and Recording

Video screen capturing indeed got easy. And while the above three tips are just the beginning of what you can do. There are many more things that you can do with Movavi. The software gets as useful with needs and wants.

4. Create Your Own DIY Video Tutorial

Are you a pro? And want others to be as good as you? Here’s how you can help. Create your own DIY video tutorial. Yes, with Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you can create video tutorials on various topics like applications, web services, and digital painting.

The best thing about Movavi is that the software combines all-purpose screen video capture program with easy-to-use video editor. With it quick export settings, you can optimize your recordings for sharing online and for specific mobile devices.

5. Sort Out Video Clips that You Want to Save and Share

There are certain video clips that you want to keep with you and share with your friends. You love these clips for they bring you smile and joy whenever you play with them. With Movavi screen recorder, now you can record video clips and then share or save them.

The Movavi video screen capturing and recording is available in two packages – Movavi Screen Recorder and Movavi Screen Capture Studio. Click on the link to learn more.

Movavi Screen Recorder: An Easy Way to Capture Screen Video
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