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Monitor Your Teenage Daughter with Android Parental Control App

Parenting is no doubt the most difficult of the tasks which a human being can undertake. It is very hard to make sure that your kids do not repeat your mistakes and their own mistakes are not as devastating as your mistakes were. Parenting becomes even more difficult when you have to take care of a teenage daughter in a country with a sickening rate of rape and crimes against women. However, modern technology might come in handy in this situation and help you. If she has a smartphone, you can download a smart parental control app to make sure that she remains safe.

 teenagers using smartphone

Before we go into this detail and see how a reliable Android parental control app can save your daughter’s life and play its role to keep you connected with her at all time, let us have a look at some facts and figures:

  • 1 out of every 3 girls is molested at some point in their childhood
  • Around 47% of the perpetrators are from family or extended family
  • Only 30% of such cases are reported
  • Around 1.8 million of adolescents in the U.S.A. were victims of sexual assault
  • 82% of all juvenile victims of sexual assault are females
  • Teens aged from 16 to 19 years have 3 ½ times higher likelihood of becoming the victims of rape or sexual assault
  • Over 20% of females can recall an incident of sexual abuse in their childhood

These facts and figures are horrifying and you might be wondering about the reasons of these behind these facts. Well, there can be many as girls make friend more frequently, they trust strangers, girls are more active on dating apps and other social media forums, etc.But don’t you worry about it take assistance from the advanced Android parental Control app such as FamilyTime that helps you in:

Contact Mirroring

Check who is your daughter friend with. Using the app, you can view contacts saved in your daughter’s device along with additional details i.e. email, address, birthday, etc.

Call Log Monitoring:

You can keep an eye on who contacts your daughter on the phone and view the complete call log along with the date and time stamps.

Contact Watchlisting:

If you find any contact suspicious, you can add that contact in the Watchlist to receive instant alerts every time the call is dialed or received.

location history

Track Location:

Stay with your daughter virtually. You can track your daughter’s location in the real time and give her the sense of being secure. You can also check her detailed location-history to see the list of places she visited in the past few months.

Geo-fencing Places:

Stay notified every time your daughter leaves the house. Using the app, you can create a virtual fence around places your daughter visits most, such as school, club, your home etc. to receive check-in and check-out alerts.

Web-history Monitoring:

Monitor your daughter’s complete web history to see the sites she views.

Viewing Bookmarks:

Keep tabs on what is available in the favorites of your daughter’s default browser and what does she bookmark using the Android parental control app.

Monitoring Installed Apps:

Monitor what app does she use. See the list of apps installed on her device.

App usage frequency Tracking:

Keep track of her app usage frequency and analyze the time they spend on each application.

Blacklisting Apps:

Blacklist any app you find inappropriate. If you see the dating apps you have all the controls to block those for her.

Receiving Alerts:

Empower your daughter to connect with you in case of emergency. Through FamilyTime, you can receive panic alerts from your daughter with the location details. They can also send you instant PickMeUp alerts so that you don’t forget to pick her on time.

Stay posted and secure your teenage daughter:

If you want to ensure the safety of your teenage daughter, the first need is to be posted about what they go through on a daily basis. You can take help of FamilyTime to do that. The app is available on Google play for a free trial.

Monitor Your Teenage Daughter with Android Parental Control App
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