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Mobile Phone Watch List for 2013

We welcome the year 2013 with a technological bang, mobile phone advancements are almost nearing the speed of light and even the number of mobile phone and smart phone users are reaching stellar numbers. With the increasing consumer demand, no wonder manufacturers are scrambling to give the best technological advancements and innovations for mobile phones. Consumers and tech enthusiasts, here are some of the features and advancements that would be defining the year 2013.

• Improvements on 46

While still in its infant stage, the 4G technology for mobile phones is set to produce hyper fast internet speeds with connections as fast as 3 megabits of transfer per second. You might be wondering what the G stands for in mobile phone terminologies such as 3G and 4G. The letter “G” refers to the generation of the mobile phone technology, and with new generations emerging, the internet connection becomes faster and faster.

• Phones with HTML5 Capability

The term HTML stands for hypertext markup language, and this is used by web developers to make web based docs. HTML5 is particularly important for the smart phone industry as it enabled users to; sten to music, watch videos, and play games in high quality realistic graphics. For 2013, an estimated one billion phones capable of HTML will be sold.

• More Advanced OS

The iPhone and Android operating systems is considered to be the two premier advances in mobile phone technology, for the year 2013, we will be expecting more advances. Both Android and iPhone OS is expected to work almost smoothly and seamlessly on mobile phones as they would on laptops and desktops. These advancements would make it easy for users to sync their mobile phones with their laptops and desktops giving a more integrated computing environment.

• Mobile Cloud

Cloud computing involves the use of remote servers online to manage, store and process data. Example, instead of your contacts being stored solely on your device, you can remotely store them on a website that can be accessed through your gadget’s web browser. For the mobile users, that means they can access and interact with that data anywhere on the globe. While cloud computing is still in its infant stage, throughout the year we would be seeing the rapid expansion of this technology together with the 4G technology and other mobile browsing advancements.

• Augmented Reality and Projection

These two would probably the most promising advancement in mobile phone technology. Projection enables a mobile phone to display images or photos on an external source such as a screen or a wall. Since this technology is still at its early stages, the images are still a blur but we would be expcting more clarity and sharpness throughout the year.

In augmented reality, your mobile phone would be given the ability to display environments at realt time or realistically. Your mobile phone captures the image and augments it by adding sounds vbideos and other necessary graphics. Just like what Terminator sees when he is scanning the environment, the visual display seen is augmented reality.

The New Year indeed holds a lot of new things to look forward to, and taking the first step is the industry of mobile phone technology.

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Mobile Phone Watch List for 2013
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