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Market to your audience, not technology

For any firm launching a new marketing communications campaign, thinking about how to get your brand noticed is a top priority. Of course getting the tone of the messaging is also key, as is customer engagement and market research. But without having knowledge of the correct marketing channels, and more importantly, the best one for your brand, then marketing efforts can easily go awry.
The assurances that you should get with a respected and qualified marketing team is that they know which exactly which medium is best to reach and engage your target audience.
For example, while we might have smartphones today, packed to the brim with QR codes, social networking apps, near-field communications and of course the humble text message, is your campaign going to work on all of them?
The answer is probably no. Technology is expanding the way businesses talk customers of course, but it doesn’t mean that your have to use these communication tools every time.
Too often are people forgetting the power of direct marketing; particularly for an audience of a certain age. Even though increasing numbers of Briton’s are finding their way online, getting access to email and joining Facebook, it doesn’t mean they don’t like good old personal contact.
Setting up a promotional stall in the shopping centre is just as effective today as it was before the days of the internet. People still like to chat to people, about nearly anything, and they particularly like free things! Certainly the days of the brochure, sticker, poster, business card, post card and pen aren’t over yet?
It is only by collaborating with a savvy, multi-faceted, multi-media organisation with a proven history of experience and feedback, that you can begin to see why certain kinds of marketing will never die. As long as you’re willing to heed the advice and go with the recommendations, then no doubt your campaign will be in the right hands, and more importantly, hit its target market perfectly.
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Market to your audience, not technology
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