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Make Sure Your SMTP Server Works Properly

In today’s busy schedule, it has become really very important for the people to know the communication methods that could bring out instant results. Communication gap has always remained one of the basic problems that lead to bitter personal and professional relationship. Conveying information regarding the least as well as the most important subject to the relatives and colleagues has become very easy nowadays. The total credit of this is attributed to SMTP server that keeps on functioning on the systems to ensure proper communication between the users involved. This technology, with the help of electronic mails or
emails, has made the process of communication simpler for the professional people as well as the ones desiring to maintain healthy personal relationships.
Many people use emails to communicate but they do not bother to move inside the fact that how do these messages get delivered. The SMTP server has a great role to play in this context. When the sender clicks on the ‘Send’ button, the server on the machine checks for the Domain Name Registration of the recipient machine and confirms whether the address is valid. Once everything is verified, it informs the recipient server about the waiting message, which then accepts it instantly. In fact, for an assurance of the successful delivery, the SMTP server of the recipient’s machine triggers a confirmation mail to the sender as well.
In case you experience any problem related to the functioning of the SMTP server of your IIS, you can resolve it by following these three steps:
– Go to the Control Panel and then select the Administrative Tools. There you find the Internet Information Services console. Click it. Make sure that the SMTPO server is installed and running.
– In the SMTP properties window, choose Access tab and click on the Connection control option.
– Do you see Relay Restrictions option? Click it. 
In doing so, however, ensure your local machine has an access to the SMTP server and it can relay through it conveniently.
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Make Sure Your SMTP Server Works Properly
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