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Make Life Easier With These Ink Cartridge Apps

In a digital world, computers have replaced notebooks and printers have replaced the pen. If you doubt this new reality, visit any university classroom and count the number of students still using a pen and paper for note taking. The odds of a double-digit figure are low.

Printers, They’re Here to Stay

However, one thing that remains unchanged is the need for a physical copy of important documents. From business emails to receipts, moving business online actually increases the importance of retaining hard copies. After all, hard drives crash and even the strongest security measures are vulnerable to skilled hackers looking to compromise data.

So, like it or not, the expense of ink cartridges and toners is an inescapable one.

Apps for Ink Cartridges SureSupply from Hewlett Packard

If your home printer is shared between everyone in the house, chances are you’re perpetually running low on ink. You never realize how important magenta is until your print job stalls because that color is done.

HP addressed this issue by creating a mobile app that’s designed to help users track their ink levels at all times. When it’s time to replace an ink cartridge, this handy app helps you locate stores selling the exact model your printer carries. It also offers price comparisons so you can ensure you’re getting the best deal.

If you’re worried about buying a counterfeit ink cartridge your printer won’t recognize, the app’s scan feature allows users to scan the barcode of a cartridge to determine if it’s authentic.

SureSupply is available for both iOS and Android phones.
Ink Cartridge Refill Guide
If you prefer instead to save money by refilling your ink cartridges, this app is a must. For the technologically challenged or those with multiple printer brands and models at home, Ink Cartridge Refill Guide offers video tutorials and tips on how to correctly refill ink cartridges for all the top printer brands and models. The app offers 138 videos in total.

Instead of giving up and buying new cartridges because you can’t figure out the refill process, download this app. Your wallet will thank you. Ink Cartridge Refill Guide is available as an Android app for $3.14.
iScrap App
A handy app for environmentally conscious users or offices that go through large quantities of ink cartridges quickly is the iScrap App. According to the developers of iScrap, the material used to create a cartridge takes as long as 500 years to fully decompose. In other words, by the time the ink cartridge currently in your printer decomposes, chances are printers will be as ancient as Gutenberg’s printing press is today.

Instead, iScrap App allows users to connect with local scrap yards by simply entering their address. The app will show a list of nearby scrap yards along with price estimates for scrapping your ink cartridges. The app is available for both Android and iOS phones.
Life Made Easier
There are some things in life you’ll always need and an ink cartridge is one of them. Using these apps to streamline the process of using and replacing cartridges will make your life easier and the environment a little cleaner.

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Make Life Easier With These Ink Cartridge Apps
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