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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Magento Website?

Magento Development

Shopping has become simple nowadays. With ubiquitous Internet access and appearance of e-commerce stores, that’s really true! People don’t want to spend a huge amount of their lifetime strolling in the Malls and they buy all they need to buy via their smartphones or laptops. Just imagine – people spend over 1.2 million dollars online every 30-40 seconds and this number will only increase!

What does it mean for the shop owners?

No matter what you sell – clothes, phones, toys, guitars – now you need to be on the same page with modern customers – you need an ecommerce shop.

Even if you had something similar to an online store with only a PayPal account – now you can have more opportunities to attract different types of buyers using Magento.

Let’s figure out what Magento is.

Magento is a very popular CMS platform that allows owners of small, medium and very large shops to create their own custom e-commerce websites with a wide range of necessary features. Magento works on the basis of PHP and MySQL. The source code is open.

Americans Roy Rubin and Yoav Kuttner are developers who created it. They have been developing online stores based osCommerce since 2001. Magento uses Zend Framework and is not a “clone” of osCommerce. There are over 200.000 online stores over the world that use Magento. Big and famous companies not an exception: Samsung, Ford, Christian Louboutin, Lenovo, Olympus

There are different features for the shop owners that meet all of their needs, for example, create different online stores with only one Admin Panel, integrate different payment systems and POS systems etc.

But let’s stick to another question: how much does a simple online store based on the Magento cost?

Here is an answer. Of course, this estimate is very preliminary and comprises only general requirements for an online store. Nevertheless, it might help you get an idea of the Magento website quote. On the side note, each development company estimates projects in working hours effort and each company has their own rates. (This factor depends on the company’s location, experience, market representation etc.)

To give you an idea of the quote for the basic functionality of Magento website please check below table:


Name of feature

Minimum number of man-hours for implementation

1st Step Analysis Phase

Check the list of requirements and prepare the wireframes based on them. Once the wireframes are approved by client, a designer starts working on the design part.

Preparing wireframes

from 14 working hours

Design work

from 26 working hours

2nd Step Development Process

Set up all setting/product attributes

from 18 working hours

Recently viewed products

from 8 working hours

Most popular

from 8 working hours

Add to Cart / add to Wish list

from 13 working hours

Product Search Features

from 8-9 working hours

Related Products Functionality

from 4 working hours

Shopping cart rules

from 4 working hours

User creation

from 8 working hours

Payment method

from 4 working hours

Design implementation

from 12 working hours


from 16 working hours

Project management

from 10 working hours

3rd Step deployment to the live environment


from 6 working hours


from 6 working hours

A simple Magento e-commerce website requires from 160 working hours

Rates per hour in different regions:










Western Europe




The quote for a simple Magento website starts from $3,200 at $20 per hour to $24,000 at $150 per hour.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Magento Website?
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