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Looking Ahead to 2016: Where Will TV Technology Go Next?

Modern TV technology is moving so fast these days that there is a good chance that we see some big and interesting advances in 2016.

How will the way you watch television change in the next year? Well, there are quite a few big changes on the horizon that could surprise you in 2016.

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Lots More OLED Panel Sets

Technology firm LG has already said that they plan to sell a million and a half OLED panel sets in 2016. This technology is currently available but it has had very limited availability until now. A move to selling many more of them is an important step towards making this a more popular and widespread type of television.

Will you be watching on an OLED set before 2016 is out? The truth is that this technology is still very expensive and is aimed at the very top end of the market. If you have a big enough home entertainment budget then it is definitely now a possibility, though.

Bigger Screens with Better Images

Big screen TVs have been around for quite some time now. However, we are now at the stage in which manufacturers are bringing out even bigger models with even better images on them. Could 2016 be the year in which you get the TV of your dreams?

A good example of the advances being made comes from Panasonic. As with LG, they are looking at using OLED technology and they are also planning on giving us far better images too. The same applies to all of the top TV makers, as they look to give us both size and quality at a decent price.

Flexible TV Sets

A lot has been said lately about the possibility of making flexible television sets. The advances in technology in the last few years certainly seem to be making this more of a possibility in the very near future. Maybe they will become the hot new product in 2016?

LG is, again, at the forefront of this TV revolution. They have an incredible, flexible TV that looks sensational and it is believed to be ready to get unveiled at the start of next year. Could 2016 be the year in which you get a cutting edge flexible TV set added to your home?

More Connectivity

How do you think that your television could be more connected to your life? Many of us now have TVs that are connected to the internet but what else lies in store for us in this respect? Televisions will still be essentials for classic viewing using the likes of but what else could they do?

Perhaps you will monitor your health, control everything in your house and do your shopping on the TV in 2016. You might also want to have more of a link between your TV and your iPhone or your tablet too. Either way, it is sure to be an exciting year for watching your favorite TV shows and for enjoying the latest technology in the way that best suits your life.


2016 is set to be another big year for TV technology. Some of the latest advances will still be too expensive for most users but we can expect to see some genuinely exciting technology start to trickle down to the mass market.

Looking Ahead to 2016: Where Will TV Technology Go Next?
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