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5 Strategies To Make Your LinkedIn Marketing Stronger This Year

In the month of April, 2014, an official infographic cum blog was posted by LinkedIn to celebrate the 300 million users, signed up on this social media platform. While the above announcement itself was a good news to get excited about, the report led internet marketing experts to believe that LinkedIn will soon become a strong social marketing tool to invest upon. And yes, their observation was rightfully backed by the following statistical data, which prove how over the following years, LinkedIn would soon give the rest of the social media platforms a tough competition.

linkedin marketing

  • LinkedIn goes mobile to grab the global market with six apps namely – Pulse, LinkedIn for iPhone and iPad, Contacts, Slideshare, Newsle and Recruiter Mobile.
  • LinkedIn membership is not centered around tech and finance based industries anymore, but also includes sectors like healthcare, education management and construction.
  • More than half of LinkedIn’s membership comes from outside U.S. and Europe, with Brazil and India among the top five countries.
  • There is a 50-50 gender split with 56% male and 44% female users, compared to 61% male and 39% female users 5 years back.

All of the above insights show that LinkedIn is constantly pushing itself as a strong competitor that internet marketers need to think twice about, before leaving it out of their strategy in 2015.

It can turn out to be a little bit intimidating to build up a strong network connection. Nevertheless, here are some key insights to learn which social marketing strategies can build better conversion in LinkedIn.

Build A Strong Client Relationship For Business

Building a strong customer relationship is the first step to better business. You need to engage in a way, so that your top prospects feel you actually pay heed to their concern.

LinkedIn provides tools that you can use to build a better business to business or business to customer relationship. Let’s have a look at which tools to use for an effective CRM –

  • Try to find out everything about your client. The best thing you can do is strike up a conversation with him/her. Send a message now!
  • Unfold the features of LinkedIn’s CRM, by clicking on the star icon. Get a note on the details users provide on their Profile page.
  • Use the ‘reminder’ option’ to catch up with your prospects later.
  • Use the ‘tag’ option in order to segment them up into smaller network groups.
  • The Pulse app allows your content to reach across a wide network, so that people who are not within your connection, can view them.

Be More Active To Get More Attention

That is what the experts recommend. The more active you are, the more attention you get. A single post can expose you to approximately 20% of LinkedIn users and you can reach 60% of your LinkedIn users by uploading 20 posts per day. A strategy that will help you to remain prominently within the viewpoint of your target audience. So, even if they do not require your service right now, they would soon when they come across a problem and need someone you can help them sort it out.

Customers need to know you better so that they are able to trust you. This is possible only when you are able to engage in a personal interaction with them.

Slideshare Can Boost Your Social Marketing

This is one feature that has not yet received proper recognition. SlideShare can help you to generate many quality contents, for which Google likes to grant higher ranks. You can therefore rank higher by engaging your potential viewers with presentations that are attractive to visualize. You can use SlideShare to give your brand or service a free exposure that can beat a lot of other marketing strategies.

Follow The Organic Way To Post Long Relevant Contents

This is always a reigning way to win over interests and back in 2014, LinkedIn too had opened a blogging platform to establish effective content marketing. Unfortunately, not many seem to have utilized this feature to its full extent. An effective way to get more leads is sharing your content in places, where there is more conglomeration of target audience. LinkedIn, being a professional social media platform with over 300 million users by now, offers you a great business to business platform. By posting quality blogs, you can reach a large number of target audience, who are interested to do business with you. According to reports, in the month of July, 2014, the renowned clothing company named Levis, managed to generate 93,000 views and 246 comments with a single 1,000 words content entitled ‘Dirty Jeans Manifesto’.

Since LinkedIn is trying ways to strengthen its position as a content platform, embracing a strong content marketing strategy can keep you one step further in the race.

Reach New Customers With LinkedIn Pulse

Over the years, people used to brand LinkedIn as a resume or a recruitment site. However, as mentioned above, LinkedIn wants to change its image into a content platform, and so, it is time for marketers to leverage their content marketing strategy by using LinkedIn Pulse. Whenever you publish a post on LinkedIn, this new application allows your rich content to be viewed also by users who are not connected to you. You can in a way reach more target audience. Experts believe that marketers using Pulse have noticed a major traffic bump to their page.

It is easy to reach out to a vast number of audience across a platform of over 300 million users, when you have a strategic plan. When you have a clear view of what are your objectives over the next few months, it becomes easier to understand which audience to target first. Remember, when you have a plan, you know what to do. A well strategic plan would tell you, which LinkedIn features can help you get better attention.

5 Strategies To Make Your LinkedIn Marketing Stronger This Year
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