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Learning Revolutionized – Byju’s – The Learning App

The modern edification scenario has been revolutionized with the introduction and expanding reach of online education throughout the world. Online courses are continually being opted for by numerous scholars all across the globe to tackle their learning woes.

It can be difficult sometimes to make a student focus on what is being taught and have them interested and engaged throughout the lesson of the NCERT textbooks. The Byju’s app comes with a format that creates an air of interest around the topic and thus transforms the learning experience from a boring one to an addictive enthralling journey. The idea is to not force the students into edification but ignite their curiosity towards the subject.

The website for the service can be seen to offer various forms of content such as ncert solutions for class 9, ncert solutions for class 10, ncert solutions for class 12 which may help a student facing problems in the class.

The videos in the app use visualizations that would make even an expert on the subjects go through the content and have a satisfying experience. Students comfortably sitting in their homes can now learn from the best teachers throughout India who churn out content specifically in their area of expertise. The app guides students from Class 6th to Class 12th toward a better academic future by securing the concepts they are being taught presently. The app also serves scholars preparing for several competitive examinations such as CAT, IAS, JEE and Medical.

The flow chart below shows how the service works:

how Byju app works

Features of the application

1. The creative appeal of the video lessons along with engaging content makes students interested in the topic. For a crystal clear comprehension of the topic only experts handle the course content. There are several modules available on the app which are divided according to ICSE and CBSE from Class 4th – Class 10th and then according to engineering or medical when it comes down to Class 11th and 12th.

Byju app

2. The entirety of the syllabus is covered in a fashion that is designed for a better understanding of the subject. The content tries to be faithful throughout the boards (CBSE, ICSE and State Boards) from classes 4th to 10th and also tries to pave a path towards preparation for competitive exams (IIT-JEE, AIPMT) in Class 11th and 12th.

Byju app screenshot

3. The app has tests that are arranged chapter-wise so that students along with understanding the concepts can also get an estimation of where they stand in the subject. The tests are based on topics that are in the syllabus of CBSE and ICSE from Class 4th – Class 10th and also includes mock tests prepared for competitive exams such as AIPMT and IIT-JEE. ICSE and CBSE sample papers for the board examination are also provided.

Byju learning app

4. The performance and progress of each student undergoes detailed analyzation. This helps them to plan ahead and thus improve upon their weak sections. The comprehension level and mistakes can also be analyzed through this service.

Byju learning analyzer app


5. The service provides students personal guides and mentors to clarify any doubts they have regarding the content. This effort is done to lay a firm foundation that’s devoid of any doubts and question regarding the course material.

Byju app for mentoring

6. The course is taught keeping the concepts of adaptive learning in mind. What it means is that the service analyzes and adapts to the specific understanding a student has for a particular topic and then tests them on those criteria. This helps the varied sorts of students that learn under the wing of this app by catering to the needs of each of them.

byjo app review

The content of the course is explained and taught with the help of fascinating graphical videos. Graphic tools such as diagrams figures and graphs are used to make students understand every aspect of the subject. After understanding the concepts students can test themselves to see where they stand. Students can tap the progress meter which will as the name clearly states tracks their progress. The app was designed to help students by making the drabness of subject fade behind the interest created towards it. The app tries to implant concepts that would forever be part of the psyche of the student.

Learning Revolutionized – Byju’s – The Learning App
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