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Investing In Technology: How Safe Are The Bets?

There is no doubt that the 21st century brought humanity on a new level of technological awareness and development. Specialists in research and also in business and finance show a growing interested on those particular trends that not only made enormous changes in our every-day lives, but which become more and more relevant to the investors all over the globe.

So let’s see what was born in the last century and will sky rocket in the future money-wise. Specialists from CNBC made a list of those technologies that will not only continue to improve our quality of life on a long term basis, but which make interesting topics for the international financial markets. We live in the digital era and there’s little that a smartphone can’t do. But what’s next?

1. The 3D Printer
It creates solid objects from digital models. Not long ago, they were worth tens of thousands of dollars, but just as any ever – developing technology, it is in the process of lowering its consumer-end price by ten times. Will they replace global production and shut factories down? Wohlers Associates believe that global may turn local and this particular market can grow up to 6.7 billion dollars by 2016.
2. The Electronic Cigarette
Wells Fargo’s Consultant Bonnie Herzog stated that we will witness the particular moment when electronic cigarettes users will surpass the number of classical cigarettes users. By 2012, sales in e – cigarettes were estimated at 500 million dollars, with a prediction of doubling by the end of this year. Vaping is not a trend anymore, is a way of living and the vaping community is ever stronger with the constant developments the producers offer to their satisfied customers.
3. Mobile Payments
Canada’s IE Market Research estimated that by 2016 these types of financial transactions, either they’re made using a phone or a tablet, will reach the sum of a trillion dollars.
4. Fracking
The US had a major benefit from this type of technology exploiting gas and oil reserves. Specialists see a constant growth in this area, as the price of utilities tends to lower due to the extraction methods in use. Will this be the future of using natural resources? It very much depends on the given resources and the developments in the technology itself.
5. Gas vs. Oil
Energetic independence, reducing oil-induces problems (as in the diminishing of resources, global conflicts, mandatory global pollution reduction) and so on led to the development of alternative fuel solutions. Gas is a growing contender, while, let’s face it, the new Japanese hybrids seem to be more and more appreciated.
6. Cable TV
The number of clients is apparently decreasing, as more and more people take benefits from the digital era and switching on Internet – provided entertainment. 
7. The Cloud Technology
Few years ago, few people knew what others were talking about. Clouds? Yes, clouds and clouds of new clients every year, an incredible fast speeding market that is predicted to reach to 67. 3 billion of dollars around 2016.
8. Solar Energy
Photovoltaic panels are not new today. Green energy is a trend fondly embraced in the US and Europe not only because it gives nature and our ozone layer a breather but, apart from the initial investment, it becomes cheaper and cheaper to use, both at an industrial level and at a regular consumer’s level. 
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Investing In Technology: How Safe Are The Bets?
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