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If Flooding Is A Real Risk, Try These Gadgets To Protect Your Home And Family!

If you are unlucky enough to live near a flood plain, how do you ensure that you and your family are ready for action when that day finally comes? Did you really think hard before making the purchase? Or perhaps you live near the coast and have a basement that has seen better days? There are a myriad of reasons for the possibilities of a flood taking place, even damaged water pipes have been known to ruin thousands of homes. This article looks at a few gadgets that can mean the difference between taking timely action and losing your home.

DynaQuip Controls Wireless Water and Freeze Alarm – $60
Our first water detection gadget is an inexpensive but seemingly effective aid in the war against flooding in the home. The DynaQuip will warn you about water leaks in your basement, bathroom or laundry room. If you buy this as a stand-alone system, you will receive a healthy 82 decibel siren when water or freezing is detected. But the help does not end there, and this alarm can be linked to an automatic shut-off valve that will step into the breach to prevent any further leak damage issues before you even get to the scene. It can also be linked to Z-Wave network to allow you remote monitor possibilities. These systems are already fairly popular and are also being employed in boats, vacation homes as well as basement areas. We like the fact that you can have the cheaper option if you like and build up to the full protection system whenever you so wish.
THP Flood Sensor – $19.99
Our second water detection gadget weighs in at an unbelievable nineteen dollars ninety nine cents! Despite its tiny price tag the THP Flood Sensor is no lightweight in the protection field. It will happily monitor your basement space for unwanted water or flooding and links up to the main monitor appliance to let you know when things get a little messy downstairs! You can also link this up to the THP PhoneAlert system for an instant notification when you are out and about. Setting this system up is simplicity itself, just extend the sensor prongs to the most likely places for water intake and leave well alone until you hear the cry for help! With water detection alarm prices as low as this there is no excuse to negate this vital safety aspect in future!
Wireless Water Alarm WA-1000 – $204.99
Our last flood detection system is certainly not the least, and for a little over two hundred dollars you can get a real beast of a sensor appliance. The WA-1000 is a fully equipped wireless system that house 10 sensor devices for complete coverage of even the largest basement area. The beauty of this gadget is the individual ID address of each sensor, this way you will know exactly where the problem is before rushing around blindly. You can add sensors as you wish and they install in the ‘plug and play’ format. A real bargain and thoroughly recommended by the experts!
High and Dry Yet?
Each of these clever gadgets will allow the homeowner some peace of mind in the future. Just remember to do a little preventative maintenance every now and then!
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If Flooding Is A Real Risk, Try These Gadgets To Protect Your Home And Family!
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