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How to make ATM facilities secure and profitable

Many ATM users still think that accessing ATM machines from remote place (far from city area) is risky. In fact, they believe ATM machine can be the hot spot for criminal activities. Therefore transactions are happening mostly from machines at or near banks.
 If you as an ATM owner think the same, you are at looser end. It is never said that a user can’t use ATM machines near malls or airports. Just exercising caution and planning ahead of cash withdrawal can make your ATM business safe and running one.
Safety is the major concern for both ATM owner and user. Here are the simple tips for the users to ensure your ATM machine remain uneventful.
Always care with your pin number. Never disclose to it anybody while entering the PIN number of your card. Memorize pin number; never write it on the back of ATM card. Don’t re-enter pin if the machine get hang up or eat your card.
Be aware of strangers who claim to help you. Pay close attention to your surroundings and near by persons. Prefer well-lighted places to avoid any mishaps.
Do check the card slot. Sometimes scammers engineer ATMs with a sleeve that easily fits into the machine and captures the user’s card information. The disguised camera may take snapshot of your pin number. Thus, there is a chance of your card and pin number getting hacked.
Take cash away from the system immediately after the dispense
Review monthly statements well to make sure withdrawal has been done correctly.
All these simple precautionary can make ATM transaction safer for the user. For ATM owners there are other arrangements too. Good quality ATM machine like that of Hyosung, Tranax has enough security provisions for users.
If finding any difficulty in technical security options good ATM companies may provide you Certified Techs for the purpose. All in all, it is ATM owner and user’s responsibility to make the process smoother.
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How to make ATM facilities secure and profitable
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