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How to Keep Your Hardware Looking Its Best

When you get a new piece of hardware – whether that’s a new phone, a new desktop PC, a new tablet or a new games console – you will find that it has an amazing ‘sheen’ of newness that makes it feel all the more slick and all the more impressive. You may have a little sadness to be parting with your old machine (it’s odd how you can become sentimentally attached to a computer…), but the fact that your new machine is so glossy and shiny really does make that parting of ways a little easier to bear…

The problem is that in no time at all your devices will lose that newness and start getting grubby and damaged just like everything. Unless you are careful to maintain them that is and you know how to clean them correctly. Here are some tips to help you keep them looking their best.
The Sticky-Back Plastic Debate

When you first get a new machine it will likely be covered in some sticky-back plastic to protect its gloss and to keep fingerprints off. Now there is a debate raging as to whether you should remove this plastic or not – some people who particularly love ‘newness’ will be inclined to leave the plastic on so as to avoid damage, but to others the ideal of having pealing plastic on a machine is just dumb. It’s your call on this one.

Invest in Protective… Everything

Better than protective plastic is to buy commercial sleeves and screen protectors that are designed for the purpose of protecting your gadget.

The problem here is that some of this protection will end up making your device much thicker and more ugly – effectively negating the slickness of a new product anyway. It’s up to you whether you want to sacrifice the short-term for the long term, but just make sure to shop around on Amazon as there are probably lots of case designs for your tech – at least some of which will be a little more subtle and elegant.

Know When NOT to Use Them

When you have a new machine you’ll find yourself wanting to use it all the time. If you have a new laptop though and you’re about to go on holiday, then that might not be the occasion to do so. Assuming that your older machine can still do everything you need it to, you should take that instead to avoid causing unnecessary wear and tear.

There are also some other unnecessary risks that you can avoid relatively easily. These include drinking tea and eating packets of crisps over the keyboard. If you want to keep your machine new, then it doesn’t hurt to have a no-eating rule.

Clean It

And if you do drop crumbs? Then you can always clean them up! Computers are about the only things we don’t actively clean but there’s no reason for that logic. Small desktop-vacuum cleaners are great for getting the crumbs out from between the keys of your computer, while most screens can be dabbed down with a damp cloth. If you have a Sony Xperia Z then you can even get it wet under the tap thanks to the water resistant glass casing!

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How to Keep Your Hardware Looking Its Best
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