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How to Get Facebook Auto Followers for Free?

facebook auto followers tips

Have you ever wondered how people on Facebook have over a Thousands of Likes and Have Built a Huge audience for themselves and Have a Great Image for themselves? Do you want to be One of those people building your own online brand with Huge audience or just One of those people who wants to brag and showoff infront of Your Friends and Family that how popular you are in Facebook ? Well then, if so this article is for you in this article i am going to introduce you to a Site followed by an “How To ” tutorial on getting more Friend requests, More Likes, More Comments, Shedule poster for Facebook Groups & Pages and ways to upload your status via Some high end Smartphones.

Today i am going to introduce you a Site called wefbee which is One of the Most trusted and Spam less Facebook tools on Internet. This site is designed to make your online Life much easier. And most important of all it is User friendly.

Here I am going to demonstrate “How to get Facebook auto Followers” step by step.

  1. First of all go to the free fb auto followers site

Here you will see the tool page of Facebook auto follower.

  1. Scroll Down and read the Precautions

facebook auto followers

  1. Now open a New Tab and login into your Facebook account

increase facebook followers

  1. Click on button “Click Here”(Notice – you must be logged in to your account in other tab)

wefbee setup

  1. Enter your Facebook username and password in the blocks on the next page like below.

wefbee profile creation

  1. Select and copy the whole content in green box on next page and paste it in the box down there.

get facebook followers


  1. Click on Submit, it will show Token Generated like Below

tips to get facebook followers

  1. Copy it from there and paste it on the page.

free facebook followers

  1. Paste Token here and Login

wefbee review

  1. Click on Auto Request

facebook free auto followers

  1. Now click on “Send Requests to me”

facebook auto friends

  1. You can see the Requests Flooding in to your account

auto facebook followers

  1. And now wait and see the magic that the website wefbee does, you’ll start getting followers instantly.

Note: There are many more auto followers on the internet. But many auto followers use your account for spamming. So don’t trust and use any Facebook auto follower other than wefbee.

How to Get Facebook Auto Followers for Free?
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