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How to Find a Hidden Game in uTorrent

uTorrent or known as μTorrent is the best P2P client for windows. It is very much popular for downloading films, concerts, songs, software, games etc. But do you know there is a game embedded into it.

The game is called μTetris, it is a hidden Tetris game of uTorrent. Now how do you find it?

Here is the way:

1.  Just open uTorrent

2. Click the tab called “Help” and select “About μTorrent” there.

 3. The About window will appear. Press the letter “t” on your keyboard
4. The hidden Tetris game will appear. Use the arrow keys to control the falling objects. The left and right arrows move the object in that direction, the bottom arrow speeds the object’s fall., while the top arrow rotate the object.

Bonus: In the About window, if you click on the µTorrent logo, you will hear a synthesized sound.

How to Find a Hidden Game in uTorrent
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