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How to Drive App Engagement With App Personalization Techniques

Researchers once claimed that humans could once concentrate for a whole 12 seconds of a thought. However, thanks to the digitization of our lives, this is a thing of the past. Therefore, to engage with the attention-deficit state of mobile users is quite a challenging task in today’s world.

The modern smartphone users along with their shortish attention spans, demand immediate satisfaction when interacting with an app, or else they are quick to dump it or even uninstall it. There are many reasons why users uninstall mobile apps. So, app developers are continuously looking at ways to improve their apps.

mobile app personalization

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App Engagement

Improving app engagement is both a challenging and interesting job for any app developer. There are many tried and tested ways through which you can try and will be discussed below, but the real secret of developing a real engaging app is understanding the nerve of the user.

The idea is to get up close and personal with your app’s users. It is only through segmentation and personalization that you can achieve more retention and conversion rates. Whatever be your product, the idea is to understand what your customers or users want and how do they prefer to receive it.

The three fundamentals that need to be followed:

  • Let them know you understand them

To convey this message you need to segment your users, analyze their activity pattern and respond accordingly to their interests and preferences. There are many tools available in the market that help you analyze the user’s’ in-app behavior.

  • Communicate with users in the right mobile moment

While understanding the behavioral pattern of a user is important, it’s also necessary to track the real-time activity of a user and strategize accordingly. Interact with users when they open an app by using mobile-engagement features like messages, surveys, and banners, in the way that it adds value to the reason they opened the app.

  • Offer valuable content

Any content you provide to users should be in context. For this, you need to know their physical location, demographics, and app usage information. All this will help in the optimal personalization for individual users.

Ways of improving app engagement

For better crystallization of the three fundamentals of improving app engagement, mentioned above, here are some examples of using personalization to drive mobile engagement.

  • Push Notifications

It is not uncommon for users to add products to their shopping carts but not move on with the purchase process. Of course, as the app owner you want them to complete the purchase, and to trigger this desired action, push notifications can be a great option.

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Push notifications are ideal for driving mobile engagement as they can be highly personalized and have the power to take the user exactly to the point they left. Moreover, one personalized message with a push notification triggered at a favorable mobile moment can cash in (pun intended) the action.

  • Video Messages

So you want your users to learn more about your product. More product knowledge is a strong motivator for customers to acquire it. It’s the most basic principle of advertising a product. An explainer video providing inputs on the product or related to the product can be a great way to improve user engagement as well as conversion rates.

in app video

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The video is on a rise. More and more mobile users are viewing content using their mobile phones. Thus, combining the right video at the right mobile time can produce better engagement results. More video messages offer more detailed as well as emotional message.

  • Gamified In-App Messages

It is important to segment your users by their activity in the app like visit frequency, actual usage and time in the app. Accordingly, there are different users like the most active and loyal users, medium users and dormant users.

in app game point

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Each set of the users should receive an in-app message that’s relevant to them. Thus, gamified in-app messages can trigger users to perform specified actions thus resulting in higher revenue conversions.

Gamified in-app messages can be both simple as well as complex. With such messages, you can distribute points, credits or access to special features, offers and much more. Such messages can be both fun and personal.

  • Offer Coupons

Coupons will only be redeemed when they are relevant to a customer’s purchasing history. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right moment to offer coupons, at a time when a customer is most likely to use them.

in app coupon offers

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For example, a customer has put a particular coat in the cart and checks through similar products, you can offer the customer a coupon with 20% discount on the item, thus driving the interested customer to make a buy.

Therefore, coupons targeted at the right users and offered at the right moment can be key in increasing the conversion rate of an app.

  • Use Surveys for User Feedback

Surveys can be great to track the “digital body language”, thus finding a way to listen to the users and take the conversation to the next level.

in app feedback form

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An important part of using surveys is to offer each user with different feedback (like secondary message screen, video or messages) and elimination of the “thank you” message which can be a big turn-off.

The end words

The key to personalizing an app experience lies in the detailed understanding of a user’s journey and how the app is used. Mobile users have high expectations with low attention spans, but with carefully planned personalization, this is one of the ways you can make a successful mobile app and significantly increase the app engagement.

How to Drive App Engagement With App Personalization Techniques
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