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How to create incredible email marketing subject lines

Although many experts disagree on which aspects of email marketing should be heavily focused on, almost all would agree that the subject line is the most important aspect of any marketing email.

The main reason for this is that emails are one of the easiest marketing messages to dismiss. One click of the delete button and the message is forever consigned to the trash. Many email users feel they don’t have time to read all of the messages they receive and so make a decision based on the title whether or not the message is relevant to them.

An unopened email is rendered worthless which is why it is important to create titles which encourages readers to want to read more. This article explores how to do just that.


Include the reader’s name in the subject line. This marketing tactic is easy to utilise and extremely effective at grabbing a reader’s attention. People are drawn to their own name and seeing it make them less likely to feel that the message is a bulk email which may not necessarily have any relevance to them.


So we’ve established who the email is for but why are you writing? What is so important that you want to take up 30 seconds of the readers valuable time? The subject line must include the reason.
This reason often comes in the form of an offer or a new product that the reader may be interested in. The reader must be able to see what this offer is before they have the opportunity to send the mail to the trash.

Calls to action

Most marketing emails are sent because the sender wants the reader to perform an action. Tell them to do it in the subject line. They’ve seen the offer now tell them how to get it. This is called a call to action.
Fantastic email marketing titles include a name, offer and a call to action in as few words as possible. Utilise this structure to massively increase open rates.

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How to create incredible email marketing subject lines
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