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How to Choose the Network Equipment Vendor for your Business?

Lets discuss how to choose the network equipment vendor for your business?

Years in business / size of company

As with any other situation, experience is usually better. In this case, having some experience in the field of equipment vending will most likely lead to a company which is better able to suit the needs of you and your company. Experience will allows the vendors, like those at, to be able to assist you more easily with questions about the equipment and its integrating abilities, among other things.

Testimonials / install base / referral lists

Always ask which other companies make use of the products which are on offer – obvious, if the company can’t name anybody, then don’t use their products, but it works the other way too: the list of testimonials or names may include some companies that you recognize, and this can give you the confidence to work with the company.

You could also ask around with other businesses you network with – it is possible that they might have some tips too.

Experience developing custom solutions

No two networks are entirely alike, and so the vendor needs to be able to fully explain the pros and cons of each piece of equipment, and how they can interact with each other and so on. The vendor you choose should have the appropriate background in engineering as well as in sales to properly assist you.

Money back guarantee

This might seem obvious, but choose a vendor which will allow you your money back if the equipment fails. If they are willing to back up their own products with the promise of money, that can be taken as a fairly good indication that the vendor is worth something.

A complete solution

The equipment offered by the vendor should cover ideally the entire package. If they are offering a network deal, then they should be able to cover all of it without reverting to some other vendor. Not only does this show that the vendor is fully aware of what the network and its components entails, it also shows that they have the knowledge needed to provide and service it.

Viewings and discussion before a commitment to buy

The vendor should be open to discussing and viewing the equipment fully before you buy it – otherwise it is easy to think that they don’t have access to the equipment itself or simply don’t understand it very well. For simple replacements or upgrades, a simple quote from the vendor might be sufficient, especially if you have had dealings with them in the past, but for an entire equipment renovation or for a business which is just beginning, it is best to try before you buy.

Stability in an unstable environment

In the current climate, one vendor may not be enough, leading to the possibility that multiple vendors might be needed. This is not something may be feasible for start-up businesses, but ones which are expanding might want to look into the possibility of using more than one vendor. Not only does it take the pressure off the vendor, as it does not have to provide equipment and support for an entire business, but it also takes pressure off the business, as they no longer have to rely on one business forever being available to take their custom.

How to Choose the Network Equipment Vendor for your Business?
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