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How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has experienced a boom in the past decade. From SEO services to social media management, there are a great number of businesses who are investing huge sums of money into online services to stay ahead of their competitors.

This is understandable, too. After all, Google processes 40,000 queries a second on average. That’s:

  • 5 billion searches per day
  • 2 trillion searches per year.

These figures show exactly why companies are investing in online. But, how can you improve your company’s digital marketing further to take advantage of this? Here, we take a look:

digital marketing

Social Media

Social media effectively provides your business with free advertising space. It’s free to set up a business page on Twitter and Facebook and you can promote your products and services through it free of charge. There are currently over 1.5 billion active Facebook accounts and although you’re incredibly unlikely to reach all of those people, you’ll be able to expand your audience reach by posting regularly and boosting your follower account.

Social media is a great place to ‘seed’ and ‘outreach’ your content, products and services and it’s all made possible by 21st century technology. Ensure that social media is a cornerstone of your digital marketing efforts and you can’t go far wrong.

Monitoring Tools

The days of physically checking your content and crawling through hundreds of pages to find shares, links and evidence of success are now long gone.

Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of different tools to help you monitor how your content and advertising strategies are getting on.

From a simple use of Google Analytics to analysing pages using Moz, there are some really great tools for analysing your website and seeing where you can improve it.

If you’re purely looking at social media influencers and the shareability of your content then there are other great tools, too. Such as BuzzSumo and Share Tally.

You can find a comprehensive list of the top tools for digital marketing here.

Upgrading Your In-House Tech

Finally, you can’t expect your online marketing to deliver results if your in-house technology isn’t up to scratch. After all, there’s no point directing traffic to a site if the site can’t handle it, and there’s no point increasing the number of quotes or inbound calls if you don’t have the infrastructure to cope. Investing in VoIP Telephony can be a great help and you can get more information by clicking here.

Use these strategies to ensure that your online marketing is getting results.

How Modern Technology Can Improve Your Digital Marketing
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