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How foursquare helps your Social Media Strategy?

Think that you are travelling and letting others to know your current positions or you just checked in a hotel or restaurant and update your places instantly. Even you can search for your destination for specifically or search for any particular place.  On the other side imagine at the same place where you can create your own business page, list your business or brand as Local with pointing through Google Maps. Share your plans and business updates over the World Wide Web; integrate in mobile device as apps. These all things can be done in one place, which is foursquare (

A little about Foursquare

Foursquare, it is a free Application. By which you and your friends can find each other places, find what you want and recommend others about any deal. Whether you’re setting off on a trip around the world, coordinating a night out with friends, or trying to pick out the best dish at your local restaurant, Foursquare is the perfect companion.

Foursquare by the numbers (last updated September, 2012)
  • Over 25 million people worldwide
  • Over 2.5 billion check-ins, with millions more every day
  • Over a million using the Merchant Platform (more information at
  • Over 100 between headquarters in New York, an office in San Francisco, and a lovely outpost in London.

From Digital Media aspect –

There are 6 ways – foursquare helps your Social Media Strategy

1. Claim your venue
2. Create a page
3. Offer incentives
4. Leave relevant, helpful tips
5. Partner with other brands
6. Cross promote

Super cool features of foursquare –

There are many features in foursquare. All are useful for Social Media Marketing and promoting a business.

1. foursquare mobile apps
2. foursquare for business

  • Create a places
  • Claim your business
  • Create a Brand profile

3. foursquare Lists
4. foursquare maps
5. foursquare merchant
6. foursquare pages
7. Increase friends Network
8. Build Your own apps & Promote

1. foursquare mobile apps –

Foursquare is like an ocean, you can do many things and implement lots of ideas. Already there are foursquare apps in market. You can download foursquare apps for your iPhone, Android phone, Blackberry. These Apps are also available on other mobile OS and for Palm, Nokia and Windows Phones.

2. foursquare for business –
You promote your business through foursquare. The service is available for both Free and Paid. Create business local listing with Google map and get maximum exposure over internet.

  • Create a place of your business with the exact location through Google maps, it would be best if the business is listed on Google Places already.
  • Claim your venue. It is best tool for small businesses.
  • Reach customers with local updates.
  • Create special offers and coupons for attract customers.
  • For media and entertainment company can promote themselves with these free tools, engage fans into their page with daily updates.

3. foursquare Lists –

This tool is great. User can create lists of information or favorite places, hotels, restaurants or anything else and share those with friends, get likes. 

Here is one example of a list created by user

4.  foursquare maps –
Map is very useful for user now-a-day. Recent days map is integrated with many devices. Foursquare has this feature also. Business marketers can locate their business through foursquare maps. But that would be easier to locate their business if that already listed in Google Places. After listing anyone can find it through searching within foursquare or in Google maps.

After searching for a location, it will give many suggestions of other places where you like to visit. There are many filtering option within the search. 

5. foursquare merchant –
Foursquare gives you a fine dashboard platform after claiming your business. You can understand your customer’s behavior, flows of visiting, checks in, checks out. The time of check in and out, the platform from where they are using the app. Customer details like age, gender, who is most frequent visitor, who is recent visitor, everything you can track through this dashboard.

6. foursquare pages –
Foursquare offers to createbusiness or brand pages through it’s tools. There are many categories like Music, non-profit, publishers, sports etc. Then you have to go through your twitter account to start creating page.

Example of a Page

The numbers pointing are indicating three portion of that page.

No.1 – You can create a great looking banner for your page and add it on the header. More creativity, more graphics can drive huge visitors into your page.
No.2 – You can leave tip as you can think it’s a tweet that’s anchored to a location. You can extend your brand or business in real world and reach people when it’s relevant to them.
No.3 – The page which has been created by you will add automatically to the Page Gallery of foursquare. So, it will be very easy to find you and your business through search.

Note: Only Paid user can add a featured link for business site within the description.

7.  Increase friends Network –
Foursquare is like socialmedia site, you can add friends, share stories, post with them also, you can increase you network through it. Like other pages and invite your friends to like your. It’s a great all in one social media site. Integrate it through Facebook, twitter and invite friends to join you, you can invite via email also. More engagement into your profile, you can gain more badges as there are many badges available. Check the overall stats of your account.

8. Build Your own apps & Promote –
Last but not the least, create or customize your own apps and promote it through foursquare. A developer platform is there to create apps. After creating and listing, user can connect those apps through their device. So it will get huge exposure. 

Foursquare is a great site for social media as there are so many opportunities to promote a brand or business. Also we can promote the mobile apps through their tools.

Article by Debarup Mukherjee
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How foursquare helps your Social Media Strategy?
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