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How Does Technology Affect Your Daily Life?

technology daily life

In the past two decades, the life of mankind has slowly been taken over by technology. Take a minute to look around you, how many screens did you notice? Did you count the one you’re reading on? The Wi-Fi enable devices have just changed the way people work, play, live and even raise their kids. The office of today will not be recognizable to workers of the past because of the proliferation of mails, video conferencing smartphones and tablets, computers and laptops and many other innovations. Today, more and more of your time is influenced by technology and gadgets, especially smartphones with every passing day.

So, has technology reached its peak? Not really.

The innovation of regular online connectivity and instant interaction may have commenced to wear down the old generation, but there is still scope of invention. The tech dependent lifestyles of people have brought immense change in professional and personal segments. The change is surely inevitable.

1. Digital professional life

Around 79% of the employees of offices work on virtual level. Whether it is messaging, emails, online collaboration, video conferencing or any combination of work, it is handled technically. You have a high number of internet users which comprises of full time, part time as well as freelance working in big as well as small companies.

In the previous century, interacting professional meant sending faxes, wiring letters and spending hours on call. But, no more! Email is the major means of interaction in the contemporary workplace. You can interact faster and better than you used to. Everyone is reaping its benefits. It has helped in enhancing the productivity levels of the workers and company overall.

2. Technology in personal life

When you don’t leave technology in office, how can you not include it in your personal life! In the 1980 and 1990s, television was the peak of house technology, though some people also have giant PCs and Nintendo for children and a cordless in their car.

However, now you have desktops, laptops, smart TVs, tablets, smart watches, GPS enable devices, smartphones and more for your personal usage. Today, going without technology could be a major crisis for a lot of people. Technology has helped people to learn, date, eat, drink, communicate, socialize and do so much more. The only time when you’re not using technology is when you’re sleeping or precisely dead.

3. New Gen and Digital Releases

Anyone who is using technology in their daily lives acknowledges its addiction. The generation of this millennium is completely digital natives. Though it is simple to make fun of the new gen technology obsessions, but it will soon be impossible to avoid it. The digital natives are rising with such a speed that it will soon outnumber the technology immigrants.

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How Does Technology Affect Your Daily Life?
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