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How can you find the CD key of Windows XP?

Now -a-day millions of people are using windows XP for their computer. There are several version of Windows XP like service pack 2, 3, Home, Professional etc.  Now most of us using Windows Vista, it is Microsoft’s new lunch. But Windows XP is very much user friendly than Vista. So 95% of people are using XP till now.
Well now we can face many problems when we are going to use Windows XP.  Most of the people forget of loss the CD key of Windows XP after first time installation, for back up every user should note down the CD key of their windows version and the simple way to find the CD key is here 🙂 .
We have nothing to do in general, the things we need are a computer (there should be a installed XP must in your computer) and your memoryJ.  Now follow the steps to find out the CD key.
STEP 1: Insert your Windows XP CD into your CD ROM.
STEP 2: Now go to “My Computer” and explore your CD ROM by right click on it and will find the “Explore” option.
STEP 3: You can see many folders and files into the drive. Select the folder named “I386” and opens it.
STEP 4: Then you will find lots of files into it. Then find the file named “UNATTEND”. It is a .txt file with node pad type icon.
STEP 5: Open the file, now you can see some information about your Windows XP, then scroll down the page and check the place where you can see written “Product key” of your XP.
For example:     ProductKey   =”CD87T-HFP4C-V7x7H-8VY68-W7D7M
STEP 6: Note it down and remember for the future use.
So, enjoy your XP and happy installation. 🙂
For more details follow this video: WINDOWS XP CD KEY 
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How can you find the CD key of Windows XP?
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